STL UK: Preferred Bidders Selected but Outcome Remains Uncertain

In a new trade update issued yesterday afternoon, Keith Danby has announced that STL UK’s “preferred bidders” have now been selected. The final outcome remains uncertain “until the due diligence process is concluded” but they

remain confident that one or more transactions will be concluded for various aspects of the business, thus ensuring a seamless continuation of supply to our many valued customers.

The sale or sales are expected to be concluded by the week commencing 14th December and a further announcement will be made “when the sale process comes to a conclusion.”

The announcement makes no specific mention of the future of the Wesley Owen bookshops or Authentic Media/Paternoster Publishing, but Danby concludes, “we are hopeful that the majority of the business will remain for the longer term.”

4 thoughts on “STL UK: Preferred Bidders Selected but Outcome Remains Uncertain

  1. A press release that says absolutely nothing. How about all of us finding the e-mail addresses of the Wesley Owen shops and sending them messages of support. Just in case they do not read this blog.

    • I trust you were laughing your head off at all of this right through the times when STL were struggling. Every day you were there sticking the knife in and now two years later as Trust Media the company is trying to make things better. I know what it was like as I worked there during the difficult times and was sadly one of the first to go when redundancies started in Carlisle. I get the impression that a certain member of staff was keeping you well informed of things that were going on and this must have made you even more chuffed as you watched and laughed from afar. Don’t think you can go back to the company and try and get me sacked Mr Groom because I have moved on to better things but I think you should be ashamed of yourself for all the negativity you spread through your pathetic blog.

      • How very sad to see such a bitter attitude, David (if that’s your real name?). To the best of my knowledge, no one was laughing, but plenty of people, myself included, were weeping over the situation.

        May the Lord bless you in whatever role you now find yourself in, may God’s light shine upon you, and may you find the grace to work through your bitterness.

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