STL UK and the Abominable Silence

Sometimes, silence is golden. Other times, it’s terrifying: someone we love breathes their last and the silence suddenly stretches to eternity…

It feels a bit like that with STL UK. We all know that STL as we once knew it is finished. We also know that deals have been done behind closed doors: we watch and wait for a crack to appear, for a little light to shine from those doorways, for STL to live up to its name … but that was the old name, before Biblica. Strange, how these things haunt us…

We hear rumours and rumours of rumours. Buyers for Authentic, Wesley Owen, STL… or not… people get uppity: stop speculating, they say, it’s dangerous!

But the way to prevent rumours and speculation, of course, is with truth and facts, with honesty and openness. That, however, is also dangerous: it makes us vulnerable … imagine, if you can, the most powerful person in the universe … let’s say God … making himself vulnerable … daring to enter our world, to trust human beings to take care of him. No: such a thing would never work: they’d just crucify him…

No. Openness is far too dangerous. We need secrecy. We need silence.

Shush, now, baby’s sleeping…

13 thoughts on “STL UK and the Abominable Silence

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    • I’m sure that’s right. As an employee of STL for nearly 18 years I’ve been as anxious as anybody for news (ideally the news that my job and those of my colleagues has been secured!) but there is the recognition that the sale of a multi-million-pound business requires due process. I can’t say it’s been fun waiting but it’s done wonders for my prayer life!

  2. I do hope that the sale of STL will go through successfully without the people who currently work for them losing their jobs.

    Unfortunately,I’ve already lost half of my already part time job leaving me without enough earnings to live on.

    This happened due to losses our Independant Bookshop has made, which IMO happened because STL made a decision to implement their disastrous IT upgrade which left them unable to supply product for us to sell to our customers at our busiest time of the year causing the losses which have resulted in a disastrous change of my circumstances.

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