Returns and Credits: A joint response from STL Distribution and the Quartz Partnership

THANK YOU to STL Distribution and the Quartz Partnership for the following response to this morning’s Call to Retailers for Urgent Action over STL Credits and Returns:

Returns and Credits
Following the acquisition of STL Distribution by John Ritchie, we have been working hard with both the Administrator Baker Tilly and with The Quartz Partnership who have been retained to collect payments due to IBS-STL UK in administration, to resolve a number of scenarios with respect to returns and credits. There is a level of complexity involved due to the combinations of wholesale and distribution product but the following should cover most scenarios:

Damages and Shortages
As a gesture of goodwill we have credited claims made for damages and shortages on invoices dated up to and including 18th December 2009 as per our terms and conditions (see below for the full details under claims). As we recognise there has been some disruption due to both the Christmas break and recent weather conditions, we will look favourably where possible on any delayed claims.

Promotional Recalls
Crown Christmas and Engage Oct-Dec 2009 – we are actively working with all parties to agree a way forward and hope to have a solution in place by the middle of the week. In the meantime stores have been asked to complete recall forms in the normal manner.

See-Safe Returns
There are a number of Publisher specific see-safe agreements in place and in many cases we now have confirmation to proceed. Please contact our customer services on 0800 28 27 28 for specific details.

The STL Blog Team in conjunction with Baker Tilly and the Quartz Partnership.

STLD Distribution Terms & Conditions

Claims for any damages or shortages must be notified to the Carriers and the Consignors within three days of the receipt of Goods, with a copy sent to the Company within the same period. Written notice of claims for non-delivery must be given to the Company within 14 days of the invoice date or in the case of non- delivery of invoice within 21 days of the date of the original order. On no account will claims be considered if notified outside this period. Title pages or authorised returns of stock for credit/replacement must be received back at STL within 30 days of the notice of damage or loss being given.

2 thoughts on “Returns and Credits: A joint response from STL Distribution and the Quartz Partnership

  1. I am sure this will be recieved as good news for all those effected, and it is great to see such a swift and positive response indeed.

    Can I just say well done to the new STL Distribution for being so proactive on this and for their gesture of goodwill in regards to the issues of damages and credits.

    (also thanks to phil for providing the blog as despite what else may be said it does seem to do a good job of getting action and bringing things together where sometimes the lone voice perhaps does not, or at least it helps bring together those that might otherwise feel alone or a little lost)

  2. This has been a very prompt & positive response from those concerned, although I would still suggest that great caution be exercised before sending stock back- we stopped sending stock to Old-STL some monnths ago, whenever the whispers of problems became louder & louder….

    Worth remembering, though, that those suppliers and other creditors of ‘Old-STL’ are now applying for repayment of those debts- how much they will receive, and what kind of aftershocks will be felt, remains to be seen. I spoke to one small supplier today who feels VERY aggrieved at the amount owed, and the un-likelihood of ever seeing this fully (or even partially) repaid….

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