Day of Prayer: 26th March 2010

Praying HandsCross-posted from Christian Marketplace:

Following the success of the first Day of Prayer last September, it is proposed to hold a second Day of Prayer for the UK Christian trade on Friday 26th March 2010.

The plan is for all parts of the Christian media industry, retailers, suppliers, distributors and customers, to gather together on that day to pray for our trade at a time, and in places, to suit as many people as possible.

Joy McIlroy, from Ashburnham bookshop, who started the ball rolling last year over the internet said, “Further to the recent Christian Resources Together Consultation Day and the break-up of IBS-STL UK, we felt it was right to come together once again in prayer to thank God for his provision and to seek his guidance as we move forward together.”

The suggestion is that the focus of prayer should be for all aspects of the trade as we seek to move forward post-Biblica – but with a special focus on the local Christian bookshop.

Clem Jackson, editor of ‘Christian Marketplace’, said, “At the Consultation Day we were challenged to pray for our trade, more regularly, and to listen to what God is saying to us. The Day of Prayer last September caught the imagination and attention of people in a way which I know surprised us all and is something which I believe we must continue with.”

In addition to the Day of Prayer for the trade, by the trade, it is hoped to open this up to the church at large by asking local churches to pray for the trade and particularly their local Christian bookshop, during their services on 28th March (Palm Sunday).

“The issue of local Christian bookshop has been the subject of articles in many local publications and even ‘The Times’ (‘The call goes out to keep Jesus on the High Street’ – Timesonline 17th January),” said Jackson. “We need to tap into, and develop, this increased awareness and get local congregations ‘on board’.”

This initiative provides another opportunity for bookshop managers to make contact with local church leaders and seek their support. “We suggest that bookshop managers contact their local church leaders with prayer pointers etc. to help this process,” said Jackson. “But equally, church leaders who are readers of this magazine are urged to take this initiative on themselves.”

Those who are able to host prayer events on 26th March are asked to contact the UK Christian Bookshops blog ( to communicate their plans and also use Facebook and Twitter to get the message out.

As with last year’s Day of Prayer, a dedicated page has been set up for discussions relating to the day. If you plan to host an event, at your bookshop or elsewhere, please leave details in the comments on that page.

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  2. Joy, and all the others involved, thanks for your initiative in getting this particular ball rolling again.

    Would there be any chance of a ‘National Logo’ being made up by someone to add to our websites/publicity/invites etc? To give a common theme & purpose? Maybe something adapted/derived from the Stronger Together/Weaker Apart logo?

    • That would be really good. It was something that occured to me when I set up the Facebook event for it but didn’t have an image for it. I have zilcho artistic skills though so not something I can do. Will look into it.

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