Raised With Christ – be part of it!

Raised With Christ by Adrian Warnock

Raised With Christ - How the Resurrection Changes Everything - Adrian Warnock

Today’s the day: February 19, 2010: the official UK publication date for Adrian Warnock‘s Raised With Christ; and you and your bookshop can be part of it.

Following recent discussions about publishers promoting amazon instead of bookshops, Adrian wants to work with us as booksellers to promote his book in our shops. But rather than posters at railway stations, Adrian’s plan is a facebook blast, an ad on facebook targeting UK Christians and urging them to visit their local bookshop to buy it.

Here’s the deal: if you’re prepared to

  • Commit to stocking the book
  • Contribute towards the cost of the facebook ad

then your shop will be featured in a ‘Where to Buy’ section on both Adrian’s site and UKCBD/here.

And the cost? To start the ball rolling we’re looking at as little as £30. Not per shop: total. Which means you — yes, you — can afford to buy into this. Whether you choose to put in as little as £1 (that’s substantially less then your margin on a single copy sold) or make a more substantial contribution, this is something we can all be part of. £30 will start the ball rolling; but the more we put into it, the wider the net can be cast and the bigger the impact: it’s our call. Adrian himself will, of course, be supplementing the campaign.

I’ve already committed to stocking the book at LST and have made contributions on behalf of LST and UKCBD. What about you?

Book Details
Raised with Christ: How the Resurrection Changes Everything
Adrian Warnock
Crossway Books
9781433507168 (1433507161)

Trade Suppliers

Unfortunately as I write neither IVP nor STL UK have stock available yet, but I’ve contacted both and they’re on the case: you can either watch this space or, even better, chase them yourself and let them know we mean business.
Update, 19/02/2010, 7pm: IVP have confirmed that stock arrived at their warehouse today. STL UK do not know when or if they will be able to obtain stock and have recommended sourcing the book elsewhere.

How to Contribute
By PayPal: go to paypal.co.uk/uk, choose ‘Send Money’ and follow the instructions to send your chosen amount to adrian.warnock AT gmail.com. Alternatively, contact Adrian via his blog, on facebook or twitter.

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Publisher’s Description

Jesus truly is alive today. But compared to his atoning death, Jesus’ resurrection sparks relatively little discussion in the church. Inadvertently, we can become so focused on the good news that Christ died for our sins, that we almost forget he was “raised for our justification” (Romans 4:25).

In Raised with Christ, author Adrian Warnock exhorts Christians not to neglect the resurrection in their teaching and experience. Warnock takes his cue from Acts, where every recorded sermon focuses on Jesus’ resurrection. He stresses that Christians who faithfully proclaim both the death and the bodily resurrection of Jesus, and live out the implications of that message in vibrant,grace-filled churches, will be enabled to reach a world that lives in death’s dark shadow.

The power of the risen Christ is active in every true Christian, transforming our lives. Raised with Christ will help you discover afresh the massive implications of the empty tomb. Jesus’ resurrection really has changed everything.

8 thoughts on “Raised With Christ – be part of it!

  1. An interesting thought and well worth a try. I presume that IVP are going to contribute to the Facebook campaign as well….?!

    This title is included in the IVP Easter promotion leaflet as a ‘New Title’. It is well worth contacting IVP to feature their overall package- there is Point of Sale, fliers available, and the chance to have a decent ‘adult’ Easter ptomotion table instore. And see-safe as well!

  2. At long last, a couple of copies have released from IVPs warehouse to us, so we can remove the ‘Pre-order Only’ flag from our website. But, strangely, the book still doesn’t appear yet on the IVP UK website.

    • It won’t: IVP are a bit retro: they only feature their own published books on the main site; distributed titles (which this is, being Crossway) are only listed on the pdfs in their trade section… not much good unless, in their own words, you “know exactly what you’re looking for” …

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