Living Oasis News Roundup: Nationwide rollout plans gather momentum (updated)

Update, 26/02/2010: Wesley Owen Sutton facebook page is now Living Oasis Sutton: Good news for Sutton!
Ripon and Leeds Diocesan News: Author cuts the tape as Harrogate's Christian bookshop rescued

Author cuts the tape as Harrogate's Christian bookshop rescued

Following this month’s opening of the first Living Oasis store in Harrogate (reported here on Monday), momentum is gathering around the country as other former branches of Wesley Owen prepare for their prospective new owners, Nationwide Christian Trust, to step in.

Via twitter, @Robin_du_Bois11:46am, Feb 2nd

Seems Wesley Owen in Aberdeen has been saved by Living Oasis. Shelves are empty and shop closed, but sign on window says “Reopening soon”.

Photo posted on facebook by Ian Holloway, 9:52pm, Feb 12th: 

Former Wesley Owen, Bedford: Shop Saved by Living Oasis

Former Wesley Owen, Bedford - Shop Saved by Living Oasis

Plans announced 26/01/2010 to re-open as Living Oasis.
Meeting with local church leaders scheduled for 12.30pm,  Fri 26th Feb at St John’s Church Stanmore | @StJohnsStanmore: all welcome.
Facebook page rebranded as Living Oasis: 6.02pm, 19th Feb: 

we are going to be changing names to “Living Oasis” and WILL BE opening again really soon, watch this space for details! :o)

Ripon and Leeds Diocesan News, 14th Feb: 

The Nationwide Christian Trust says it also plans to reopen the former Wesley Owen bookshop in Vicar Lane, Leeds in mid-March and will be working in partnership with Leeds churches to develop the shop with new cafe and meeting facilities. A meeting of local church leaders is planned for Thursday March 4th.

Shereen Ormshaw on Friends of Wesley Owen Manchester facebook group, 5.02pm, 16th Jan

Hi, firstly i’d just like to thankyou all for your support and prayers we really appreciate it, secondly i’m very happy to tell you all that a buyer has been found for wesley owen manchester!
we will still be closing down but we will reopen in the not to distant future!

South Woodford
Ceased trading but expected to re-open as Living Oasis: see reports in the East London and West Essex Guardian Series
Facebook group rebranded as Living Oasis

Living Oasis in Weston is one of a new chain of Christian retailers in the UK.

Watch this space for the Opening Event details for your new and improved Christian resouce Facility in Weston!

We are within walking distance of the beach, the train station and the main shopping area. We are opposite the town hall just down the road from TJ Hughes.

A full range of Christian product wil be found including, Books, Bibles, CDs, DVDs, Gifts, Cards, and a selection of Church Resources.If it’s not in stock we will most likely be able to order it for you!

6 thoughts on “Living Oasis News Roundup: Nationwide rollout plans gather momentum (updated)

  1. Wow – that sounds like at least another 10 shops saved – let’s hope (& pray) that the other 16 (?) have a future too.

  2. Well, i’m encouraged!….my hope is Manchester will not be far behind!..
    thankyou phil, for gathering all this info..

  3. So pleased. Every town of a reasonable size needs a Christian shop. I like the name, Living Oasis. It sums up what all Christian shops are, or at least, should be.

  4. Please will you advise all your Living Oasis bookshops of the undermentioned book = published mid-June which is a must for country churches.

    Ron Granger Hi May I recommend please for all your bookshops Declan Flanagan’s new book, published mid-june this year. It is called Faith in the countryside.

    Declan Flanagan was formerly pastor of Cheam Baptist Church, surrey, which is an independent evangelical Baptist church of some 300 plus members.

    Declan about 3 years ago departed to become Director of Rural Ministries He has travelled all over UK and this is the first book of its kind for over 20 years looking at countryside churches.

    I know he would appreciate if your bookshops could put it in the records and possibly stock it. Declan has done a survey of village churches throughout UK and come up with some encouraging findings. There are lots of practical suggestions for ministers, workers in the countryside. I recommend it.

    ISBN 978-0-9565825-0-8 on sale for £7.99 but you can get the link and find some discounts available. I bought one for £6.

    Ron Granger

    On your mailing list

    Supporter by prayer of your shop in Sutton, Surrey. Member of Cheam Baptist Church

    Rural Ministries link :

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