Posted in March 2010

It’s not the books, it’s the experience

Today, a simple statement of the obvious: it’s not the books, it’s the experience. I know I’m saying nothing new here, but sometimes obvious things need stating to wake us up, so I’ll spell it out: today, people can buy books anywhere; and in a world where books can be bought online or at the supermarket, … Continue reading

Day of Prayer for the Christian Book Trade #dayofprayer

TODAY, Friday 26th March 2010, is our second national Day of Prayer for the Christian book trade. Meetings and prayer times — detailed on the Day of Prayer page — are taking place in Christian bookshops and other venues all around the country, with facebook event pages set up by some of the shops involved: Belfast: Scripture Union Resource Centre … Continue reading

Last Word Publications

After the successful publication and substantial sales of his book, A12 to Heaven (June 2008), Phil Stoddart has now set up his own publishing company, Last Word Publications. Following an exchange of emails, I invited Phil to tell us his story: Looking back, it still seems inconceivable that anything positive could come out of such … Continue reading

30 Years of Good News in Newent

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at the Good News Centre, Newent, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, reported yesterday evening by Eddie Olliffe: After so much bad news dominating the Christian Book Trade recently, it is wonderful to be able to post a piece of Good News – all about the Good News! In this case, … Continue reading

Spring Cleaning: Your Help Needed

Having at last managed to update all the former Wesley Owen bookshop entries with their new ownership details, I figured it’s time for some general spring cleaning — and for that, gentle reader, I need your help, please. If you own, manage or work for a Christian bookshop, please check your UKCBD entry: you can … Continue reading

Life’s not fair but… my knickers are!

My thanks to Mike Norbury for the tip off on this rather wonderful company,; and congratulations & kudos to Alison Charlesworth of The Well, Scunthorpe, on becoming their first known explicitly Christian stockist — unless there’s anyone else out there eager to declare themselves? Stockists list At LST Books & Resources our fastest selling … Continue reading