Spring Cleaning: Your Help Needed

UK Christian Bookshops DirectoryHaving at last managed to update all the former Wesley Owen bookshop entries with their new ownership details, I figured it’s time for some general spring cleaning — and for that, gentle reader, I need your help, please.

If you own, manage or work for a Christian bookshop, please check your UKCBD entry: you can track down your shop by name or by location. If it’s complete and up to date, fine; if not, please either leave a comment here, send me a private message or — best of all — send in an update request via the Shop Registration/Update Form.

If you’re a bookshop customer, please do likewise: check your local shops’ entries. If they’re out of date, please leave a comment or send me a message — and please let the shop staff know too!

A lot of shops only have minimal, bare bones entries: make sure yours isn’t one of them — there’s no charge for including a shop description or your shop logo to brighten up your entry and make it distinctive, so why settle for dull and boring? Be imaginative: send me a 300 word snapshot summary of what makes your shop worth visiting and I’ll make sure that it’s added to your entry; and if you’re on facebook or twitter, please shout out for links to your page and/or profile.

In fact, there’s no charge for anything: UKCBD is a free service. It’s financed by a trickle of income from Google advertising and affiliate schemes, primarily via Amazon and Eden. These provide enough income to cover basic site maintenance, domain renewals, my internet connection and a small amount of advertising.

I’d love to do more: to be able to give the project more development time, feature more book reviews, chase shop owners for up to date info, advertise more widely online and offline — to let the world know we’re here and that whilst there may be less of us now than there were a few years ago, most of us are still cracking on, pursuing our ministries of serving our communities and being a Christian presence in our high streets and shopping centres.

So if you think this vision is worthwhile, as well as checking your entry, please spare a moment to consider supporting the project with a donation — and if you’re up for that, please visit the UKCBD PayPal Donation page. Whether you give £1 or £100 or something in between, every penny helps to keep the show on the road: thank you.

Finally, please take this opportunity to tell me what, if anything, you’d change here. Is there anything you’d do away with? Anything extra you’d like to see? Shout it out: let’s shape the future together.

6 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Your Help Needed

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  3. Spring clean
    We are no longer an STL Select shop, unless of course The Select catalogue is resurrected.
    Thanks for keeping us rural folk out in the sticks up to date with what is happening in the big wide world, will be praying on Friday and in the local churches on Sunday.

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