30 Years of Good News in Newent

Good News Centre, Newent

Good News Centre, Newent

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at the Good News Centre, Newent, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary, reported yesterday evening by Eddie Olliffe:

After so much bad news dominating the Christian Book Trade recently, it is wonderful to be able to post a piece of Good News – all about the Good News!

In this case, the Good News Centre – a registered charity and a rural Christian bookshop and coffeehouse – located on the borders of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Along with a number of other Christian outlets in the UK, this shop opened 30 years ago – on Saturday 22nd March 1980.

It’s where, as he goes on to tell us, Eddie himself learnt the fine art of Christian bookselling. Head on over to Eddie’s place for the full story and some superb photographs.

It also gives me another opportunity to plug my UKCBD Spring Cleaning: Eddie left the Good News Centre back in 1985 and it was a relief to discover that I didn’t have his name as the point of contact in the shop’s UKCBD entry — but the entry is still one manager behind, now added to my ‘to do’ list. Anyone else out there who’s moved on or about to? Please remember to send in an update request or your name is liable to continue to haunt your shop’s online listings for years to come…