Day of Prayer for the Christian Book Trade #dayofprayer

Praying HandsTODAY, Friday 26th March 2010, is our second national Day of Prayer for the Christian book trade.

Meetings and prayer times — detailed on the Day of Prayer page — are taking place in Christian bookshops and other venues all around the country, with facebook event pages set up by some of the shops involved:

Please pray for:

  • STL’s IT team as they complete preparations to switch back from SAP to Informix
  • Ray George, Andy Twilley and everyone involved in the Living Oasis project
  • Steve Briars and the Christian Resources Together team as they finalise plans for the High Leigh Retreat and the Retailers Day at CRE, Sandown Park
  • Independent booksellers, especially those just starting up after the collapse of Wesley Owen: The Hub, Walsall, and Falkirk Christian Bookshop
  • Staff with CLC and Koorong adjusting to being under new management and ownership
  • People who have lost their jobs in the recent chaos
  • Clem Jackson and the team at Christian Marketplace
  • Publishers seeking wisdom as they decide what to publish
  • Authors and other writers seeking inspiration
  • Agents as they work with authors and publishers
  • Book reviewers seeking to give fair and honest appraisals

Those are just a few points off the top of my head: comments are open as always for you to post your own specific prayer requests along with points for praise and thanksgiving.

On a personal note, I’d be grateful for your prayers, please, as I continue spring cleaning the Directory and working my way through a veritable avalanche of update requests. By the time it’s over more than 300 entries will have been updated. If you haven’t checked your shop’s entry yet, please do so and let me know if any changes are needed. If there’s no date against your entry, it hasn’t been updated since 2008, possibly earlier…

As with last year, if you’re tweeting the Day of Prayer, please use the hashtag #dayofprayer

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9 thoughts on “Day of Prayer for the Christian Book Trade #dayofprayer

  1. Please pray today for all company representatives travelling throughout the UK and Ireland. For travelling mercies and angelic protection. For all their families. Thanks.

  2. A group of us gathered in SU Resource Centre in Belfast at 10 this morning and prayed for an hour in praise and requests. It was very striking that as I prepared to lead it the verses God brought to my mind from Psalms and Isaiah were all about getting a right vision of God. Lets not forget that OUR GOD REIGNS and OUR GOD CARES! Almighty God is our Heavenly Father.

  3. Phil,

    We are praying here in the US as well. Thanks for your help in keeping the community informed.

  4. we gathered together in the shop at 11am today (5 of us participated 2 staff 3 friends aka customers)and prayed blessings, growth and for a community spirit of unity for the whole of the Christian Retail Trade and for Christian Bookshops to flourish in the year ahead and for their roots to reach deeper into the soil of the area’s they are in and spread out not only to see new growth and stave off being root bound but also so that they would be in good places to cope with any times of drought and doubt as may come!
    It was a fantastic time, though admittedly not long – but you know time is as nothing to God and this was a moment out of time that certainly refreshed this christian retailer :0)
    We shall be praying again at closing time and have been passing out little leaflets we produced telling people about the Day of prayer and with some prayer suggestions and actions they can take to help through the year.
    I feel really good about today. Thanks Joy and all for this. God Bless and Keep You.

  5. By one of those strange ‘God-incidences’, today was the day that a friend of GLO who will be taking over a Christian Bookshop in London was able to call in. It was good to be able pray with (and hopefully encourage!) Debbie as she prepares for this new ministry.

    There weren’t many actually in the room- thanks to those GLO workers who emailed in their support!- but we felt the blessing of being able to share together, and to pray for the work we are all involved in.

  6. We prayed during our Lent Course (USPG – The Well is Deep) and the thought which came through during our prayers was the vine and how it does have to be pruned and old growth burnt, but then what riches can be produced afterwards. Let’s pray that the pruning is now over for the time being and real growth and strength is the result.

  7. Great to see everyone’s feedback.

    A few of us met in the “upper rooms” at The Centre bookshop in Horsham. It was much less intense that the first day of prayer but a real blessing.

    Was also thrilled to hear it got a mention on Premier Christian radio this morning!

    Next stop… High Leigh!

  8. A few of us met on Friday in the shop in the first 30 minutes after it opened. We were really encouraged by the people who came to join us and also by the people who left messages to say that they would not be able to join us but that they would be praying.

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