Two years on the blog

Today, April 2nd 2010, is this blog’s second birthday, and it’s certainly been an interesting two years: my thanks to everyone who has contributed, commented or otherwise helped make it worthwhile.

Some stats for those who enjoy such things:

Average pageviews per day:

  • 2008: 95
  • 2009: 285
  • 2010: 662

Top Ten Posts and Pages:

1. A Modest Proposal to Save STL UK 7,420
2. Wesley Owen: 26 Branches Enter Administration 4,801
3. Wesley Owen 4,091
4. And so it ends: STL UK puts up ‘For Sale’ Sign 3,697
5. STL UK Crisis: Reports roundup and further reflections 2,064
6. Wesley Owen: 27 Christian Bookshops Wiped Off the Map 1,904
7. The Six Ways of Atheism 1,730
8. SAP and IBS-STL UK: A Timeline and Some Reflections 1,625
9 Wesley Owen: Expressions of Interest in Remaining Stores Welcomed 1,547
10. Day of Prayer 1,484

Finally, during the last month (March 2010) UKCBD, the directory itself, received 34,099 pageviews, of which 23,616 were unique visits. The top 5 directory pages were:

  1. Homepage: 3,861
  2. Town & City Index: 2,177
  3. London: 2,067
  4. Shop Name Index: 1,770
  5. Town & City ‘B’: 794

All sorts of other stats are available: if you want to know more or would like to sponsor a page, please get in touch.

7 thoughts on “Two years on the blog

  1. Well done Phil – quite a milestone and an excellent help to all in the trade and outside of it. Yours has been a difficult balance to achieve but I believe that you have broadly got it just right – so thanks.

  2. Yes, thanks, Phil for keeping so up to date with all the latest news – invaluable. How come suddenly all these people have latched on to older posts?

  3. From across the pond, congratulations Phil on two years of dedicated service and encouragement to Christian book shops in the UK. I’m thankful we recently discovered you online and I hope we can continue to share mutual concerns and interests.

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