Living Oasis Update: Croydon, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Worthing

Living Oasis: Shop Locations

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This weekend should see yet another of the former Wesley Owen bookshops spring back to life as Living Oasis opens its doors in Worthing on Saturday. The map on the right, courtesy of Andy Twilley, gives a good overview of where the shops are, all — if we include Worthing — now open except for Croydon, Edinburgh and Nottingham, where negotiations are still in progress.

Angela Curror sent out the following message via facebook yesterday, summing up the situation in Croydon:

LIVING OASIS coming soon……….

Croydon has been without a Christian bookshop for two and a half months now. At the moment it isn’t even known where the new Living Oasis shop will be. There are problems with the lease on the shop where Wesley Owen was and humanly speaking things looks as if it could take quite a while to be resolved. Alternative venues are also being looked at.

Please pray for very clear guidance for those involved in the decision making and pray that all obstacles will be removed so the Croydon Living Oasis shop can open soon. We believe that God can do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine and are excited about this new venture and very keen to get started.

Please also pray for the staff who were made redundant when Wesley Owen closed. Many have been waiting, hoping to be employed in the new Living Oasis shop and some are struggling financially and can’t wait much longer.

We will let you know what is happening as soon as we know ourselves!

Thank you very much

Living Oasis on Facebook

Andy Twilley has set up a central Living Oasis facebook group: probably the best place for latest news. Individual branches on facebook include:

Several other branches are still branded as Wesley Owen (Bedford, Cheltenham and Edinburgh) and Manchester has a Friends of Living Oasis group.

One thought on “Living Oasis Update: Croydon, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Worthing

  1. It would be really good if Living Oasis or someone could open a shop in Carlisle which now has nothing. Customers are faced with long drives to Kendal or Whitehaven, which on slow Cumbrian roads is a long way. Several church customers have complained to me about problems of obtaining requisites, as they are only small churches so cannot buy in bulk from suppliers. The Carlisle Diocesan Resources Centre, which could have been an outlet, closes this summer, so that’s another lost opportunity. Many, many years ago, Carlisle Cathedral, before they had their own shop, used to obtain customer orders for reqisites from SPCK Newcastle, and customers collected them from the Verger.

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