Living Oasis Nottingham Opening Saturday 8th May 2010

Living Oasis CONGRATULATIONS are once again in order as another former branch of Wesley Owen reopens as Living Oasis in Nottingham today.

The shop reopens on the same premises, 8 Castle Gate, with the Venerable Peter Hill, Archdeacon of Nottingham, on hand to lend some decorum to the proceedings which I gather might otherwise be overwhelmed by flags and bunting (but probably not balloons, due to environmental concerns). Refreshments will be served by staff brandishing “a pricing gun in one hand and a buttering knife in the other”.

Previously trading as the Congregational Federation’s Castle Gate Bookshop, Nottingham was one of Wesley Owen’s most recent acquisitions and subsequently became the first branch to close down as a result of last year’s meltdown at STL UK: Wesley Owen: Beginning of the End as Nottingham Branch Ceases Trading

Special congratulations and best wishes for the future to Sue Barrett, who returns to manage of the new store.

Living Oasis Nottingham: Opening Day Photos

Living Oasis Nottingham - Opening Day Photos

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  1. We would like to invite you to display a stall with books for sale at the annual Racial Justice workshops to be held on September 10th at the Vine.
    DO you thi nk someone would be available.
    Phone 07514078553
    Valerie Pope

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