New Christian Bookshop takes to the road in Carlisle

Over the last few months we’ve become used to seeing Christian bookshops opening or reopening around the country, but the people of Carlisle must surely take the prize for the most imaginative opening to date: a bookshop on wheels launched last week by OMNIvision:

Omnivision Bookshop

Omnivision Bookshop: Click through for the facebook video

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My thanks to Ellidh Cook for the tip off via her blog, On Lately

3 thoughts on “New Christian Bookshop takes to the road in Carlisle

  1. As a former resident of Cumbria and a bookseller, I say great news and hopes and prayers for a great success. As a former mobile librarian, a warning – be careful in winter not to over use the electrics for heat and light, because you could have problems when you want to drive away – there’s a fun story or tow attched to that scenario!

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