New Frontiers for No Frontiers?

No Frontiers

And each one heard them speaking in their own language…

No Frontiers, the foreign language book and Bible suppliers previously distributed by Kingsway, have moved all their stock to a new warehouse in the north east of England, from where they are now operating in partnership with Open Door Trading, distributors for Newfrontiers.

Explaining the new partnership in the No Frontiers May newsletter, Paul Mogford, one of Open Door Trading’s directors, writes:

So what does Open Door Trading do? And how is it now involved with No Frontiers? Open Door has two real activities. One is that we pick, pack and ship Christian resources for Newfrontiers (a growing family of churches in the UK and abroad) from their retail website: (not to be confused with the ‘No Frontiers’ website which is We also go to Christian events and create bookshops for the event, serving the event and the speakers that go there.

Open Door Trading will pick your orders from stock, pack it and ship it out to you, wherever you are in the world! We are also working with UK Christian bookshops to sell foreign language Christian books and Bibles in the UK. It is very fitting that Open Door Trading and No Frontiers work together; as a result of economic migrants and refugee / asylum seekers coming to the UK, there are now many languages being spoken in the UK.

The newsletter still gives Kingsway’s main contact details but the Kingsway distribution arrangement has in fact now ended and Allistair Graham, the No Frontiers sales person who was based at Kingsway’s Eastbourne offices, is now working from home. Paul’s introduction to the new partnership closes as follows:

We are so thrilled to now be a part of No Frontiers, and to be involved in its work. We are thankful to Kingsway for having supported such an excellent ministry, and we want to keep on developing No Frontiers so that more people can grow in Christ and experience the gospel in their own language.

Why so thrilled? Tomorrow, Paul explains a little more about the new Open Door Trading / No Frontiers partnership: watch this space!

In the meantime, if it’s foreign language books and Bibles your customers are looking for, look no further than — and don’t hesitate to request a poster:

No Frontiers - Posters for Booksellers

No Frontiers - Posters for Booksellers

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  1. Thanks for this update Phil. I have just yesterday received an order for a Russian / English parallel Bible so the news was really helpful for pointing me in the right direction!!

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