Kingsway: Trade Distribution Update

Kingsway - Breaking News, 15/06/2010

Kingsway – Breaking News, 15/06/2010 (pdf, 135kb)

In an upbeat message to trade customers, Kingsway have announced a number of significant improvements to their distribution services including increased staffing levels at both ends of the ordering process. Four more staff  have been appointed in customer services and twelve extra staff are now working in warehousing, pick & pack, despatch and admin. Further developments are in the pipeline which should see a 300% increase in the picking area by the end of August 2010, leading to increased stock availability, improved accuracy and faster turnaround of orders.

The announcement makes no mention, however, of trade customers’ ongoing concerns over Kingsway’s price comparisons practice at, a source of frustration and disappointment for UK Christian retailers which has recently gained international attention. As yet it remains unclear whether or not the meeting called for by John Paculabo to address this issue (suggested date 21st July 2010) will go ahead.

The full announcement, issued yesterday, 15/06/2010, is as follows:

Kingsway: Breaking News

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you with an update on Kingsway’s Distribution.

As you know there have been many changes over the last 6 months here in Eastbourne since we have taken our distribution back in house.

We have shipped over 7000 orders to date and we acknowledge that there have been some issues with accuracy and speed.

We have been working hard to improve this and have been working with our consultants who have been responsible for the set up of distribution for Gardners Books UK and David C Cook Canada.

We have already begun to implement some of their recommendations that will improve the 3 key areas for you our customers of Speed, accuracy and availability.

The following steps have already been introduced:

  • 4 more staff dedicated to customer service and sales
  • An evening warehouse shift to allow an extra 6 hours of pick, pack and dispatch
  • 12 new warehouse and admin staff to increase the turnaround of orders.

The next stage for us is to increase the size of our picking areas in our warehouse. This is well under way and by the End of August we will have 300% more picking areas which will increase availability enormously.

I will give you a weekly update on how things are progressing here at Kingsway.

If you have any questions or queries then please contact me.

Best regards,

James Batterbee
Telephone Sales Manager

Unlike, David C Cook Canada’s consumer site,, does not undercut retailers’ prices. For a Canadian Christian bookseller’s perspective on see YourMusicZone Website Re-Launch.

As noted last week, carriage free shipping applies to all Kingsway UK trade orders until at least the end of June 2010. I take this opportunity to thank James Batterbee and the rest of the customer service and warehouse team for all their efforts on our behalf.