World Cup Fever Seizes UK Christian Book Trade

OK, so perhaps the headline’s hyping it up a bit — but isn’t that what the World Cup is about, hyping things up? Being more of a Wimbledon fan myself, I’ll say no more and hand over to today’s special guest, the one and only (big round of applause please) … Mike Norbury!

Mike writes:

I know there is a fair percentage of folk who have had enough of the World Cup by now (regardless of England’s performance) but it may surprise many readers that there is a tentative link between our trade and ITV’s World Cup broadcasting.

Most Christian Bookshops in the South-East, South, East Anglia and parts of the Midlands will be very familiar with the almost continually happy face of sales agent Malcolm Corden who represents Kevin Mayhew, Hughes & Coleman, Cedar Trading and New Wine. However I wonder how many have done a double take when they’ve seen TV celebrity James Corden talking to his dad during his the James Corden’s World Cup Live show which is on ITV1 and ITV4 after each evening match that ITV have shown? “Wow that looks like Malcolm!”

Malcolm and James Corden

Malcolm (centre) and James (right) Corden

Well the reason for that is that the star of “Fat Friends”, Gavin & Stacey (which he also co-wrote with Ruth Jones), Horne & Corden, Doctor Who‘s recent episode ‘The Lodger‘  and now the hugely successful after match show James Corden’s World Cup Live is definitely the son of Malcolm and Margaret Corden. Not only that, Malcolm and Marg have been introduced on the show – Marg even taking part in a penalty shoot-out. Malcolm was asked by James on one episode [link to video excerpt below – Ed] if he was going to back the England team by not shaving until they won or were knocked out, which he could hardly decline in front of millions of viewers — at the Kevin Mayhew sales meeting last week he still wore the beard.

At the 2008 Television BAFTAs, James won the BAFTA for Best Comedy Performance. Also Gavin & Stacey won the Sky+ Audience Award for Programme of the Year, the only award at the ceremony voted for by the public, beating The Apprentice and Britain’s Got Talent.

Malcolm is well liked and respected on his territory and has previously won “Rep of the Year” which he was nominated for again this year. Prior to joining the Christian Bookshop trade he was a member of the Central RAF Band and James’s emotional story in the Daily Mail about his dad being sent to The Gulf brought many readers to tears.

I know how proud of their son Malcolm and Marg are but it is very obvious from certain appearances on TV how proud James is of them.

Mike Norbury is Retail Trade Manager for Kevin Mayhew Ltd, the company he has represented for almost 14 years. Brought up in Knutsford, Cheshire, he lives with his wife Jackie in Wrexham, North Wales, and looks after Christian trade customers throughout the north Midlands, North Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and the whole of Ireland as well as certain key accounts in the south of England. Mike’s career since he was twenty-one has been solely in retail and sales representation. He and Jackie are members of The Community Church in Wrexham which is also the home of New Day International ministries, the base of Winepress Publishing, distributors of a wealth of ministry material and soaking music. Mike is a Street Pastor in Wrexham. Five years ago he visited the tsunami hit east coast of India as part of a team from the church where they conducted a Pastors’ Conference, arranged support for a scheme to rehouse those who had lost everything and visited nine churches in and around the city of Visakhaptnam in Andhra Pradesh.

3 thoughts on “World Cup Fever Seizes UK Christian Book Trade

  1. Loving a bit of sales rep spotting! Get your binoculars out folks!

    I am sure Malcolm is having huge amounts of fun and I have been praying for him and his wife (and I also spotted his daughter was having a chat on last night’s show!). Can you imagine if he gets the opportunity to share the Gospel to any of the folks he meets there!

    I wonder if anyone has had other rep citings in the past?!

  2. It’s a shame that James has turned away from the faith he was brought up with and all the negative stuff that he uses about the Christian faith in his work. Or perhaps it is the fact that he feels uncomfortable turning his back on Christ in order to gain popularity. Whatever it is we should pray for James that God would give him a fresh revelation of his love and power in his life.

  3. I am sure we all pray for the return of the prodigals. I also have a son James who is “doing his own thing” at the moment but I live in assurance that although he may have walked way from God for the time being God has never left him. I know it is a shame when our children who have given their lives to the Lord wander away like lost sheep but I learnt a long time ago not to be critical of him (nor, incidentally, of my other sons who never committed themselves). We must lift them up to God and pray for them but then allow God to do His job. Oh what great rejoicing there will be when the prodigals return!

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