Posted in July 2010

Kingsway: Letter to Retailers from John Paculabo

MY THANKS to John Paculabo for kind permission to post his letter to retailers — which he mentioned yesterday, Friday 30th July 2010 — for download here. Some retailers will have already received it by email, others can expect to receive it by post within the next few days. As John himself explains, it’s a … Continue reading

Simon Cozens Introduces Wide Margin Books

I met Simon Cozens via the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group and he told me about his recent venture into publishing, Wide Margin Books. Intrigued, I invited him to tell us more… My wife came home from visiting friends on a Saturday afternoon, and caught me hunched over a laptop in the living … Continue reading

Thank you, Kingsway!

… and thank you, Luke, for spotting this within the last hour or so: THANK YOU KINGSWAY. Anyone who has visited the will notice a small victory for us. Gone are the “Our Price” “RRP” and “You Save” boxes on the pages of most products. Gone are the bogus “Pre-Order” Discounts. Replaced simply with … Continue reading

Advance Notice of Formal Complaint to the Office of Fair Trading about Anti-Competitive and Unfair Trading Practices by Kingsway Communications

IN MY ORIGINAL POST this morning I drew a comparison between the £13.48 preorder offer featured in David Keen’s post The Last Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! and Kingsway’s out now offer on their The Best Instrumental Worship Album…Ever! of £12.99 compared to their RRP of £16.99. It has since been brought to my attention that the £13.48 … Continue reading

7/7: Muslim Perspectives

My thanks to Hasan Ahmed of Rabita publishing for kindly providing me with a downloadable copy (pdf, 795kb) of their flyer introducing  7/7: Muslim Perspectives, published earlier this month to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the 2005 London bombings. Whatever your view of Islam, one thing we as Christians cannot afford to do is to … Continue reading

Reintroducing Authentic Media

Recently a friend on facebook asked if I knew what was going on with Authentic Media since the collapse of the old STL: had they survived? The answer, I’m pleased to say, is a resounding yes. I invited them to bring us up to date: Following the news of IBS-STL UK going into administration at … Continue reading

Mixed response to Writers’ Workshops experiment

K B Walker, author of A Life Less Lost, has reported a mixed response to a couple of writers’ workshops — ‘Writing from Life’ — which she offered free of charge to local bookshops in the Huddersfield area last month, with seven participants turning out for the event at the Orchard Bookshop, Denby Dale, but … Continue reading

Shack Attack: and now it’s all gone wrong…

THE SHACK has now gone from multi-million copy bestseller to multi-million dollar legal-disaster-in-progress as its original author and publishers have gone from being best buddies to opponents bickering over royalties. Very sad. Full story in the LA Times, The flak over ‘The Shack’, and some helpful reflections for wannabe writers from Steve Laube of The … Continue reading