Living Oasis Croydon: Call for prayer as new lease is threatened

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NEWS HAS EMERGED of a rival bidder challenging the lease that Living Oasis had hoped to secure on the former Wesley Owen premises on North End Road, Croydon.

Plans announced in May to reopen the shop within a matter of weeks have now been set back and it will be necessary to seek alternative premises unless the other bidder withdraws its offer.

The Croydon Churches Forum is in the process of setting up a steering group of local church leaders and business representatives to work with Living Oasis to ensure that local churches are fully engaged with the project’s development. Please pray for wisdom, patience, grace and negotiating skills for all involved, especially the branch staff as they face further uncertainty.

4 thoughts on “Living Oasis Croydon: Call for prayer as new lease is threatened

  1. This is a shame, as Croydon is somewhat of a “Flagship” store, and this would be one of the few stores with the space to fully realise the “Living Oasis” vision without need to relocate.

    However, a quick google search shows no shortage of available retail space in the croydon area. for example.

    With “The Hub” we quickly learned that God knew what he was doing, even if we didn’t, and learned to view potential setbacks (Like not being able to buy the stock, fixtures and fittings) as blessings (our distribution partners were super supportive, and we got the fixtures and fittings for free!!!)

    We are certainly praying for you, and are certain that God’s will will be done, one way or another.

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