Time to get on board with the IVP Summer Sale!

The IVP Summer Sale 2010

The IVP Summer Sale 2010

The IVP Summer Sale is underway with some great offers including ten titles at half-price or better with lots more at between £2 to £4 off normal prices — all available to us as trade customers less our normal trade discount.

The sale started June 28th and runs through to August 31st this year, whilst stocks last.

A5 flyers — which fold out to make a great A3 poster — are available, with space to put your shop stamp on the back. Order direct from IVP:

Whilst you’re over there be sure to check out their new Equip website, which includes details of distributed titles from Bible Society, The Good Book Company, HarperCollins, NavPress and more, along with their special offers (£2 off the C S Lewis ‘Signature Classics’ series and up to 40% off selected titles from the Good Book Co, for instance), also available to us as trade customers.

… and don’t forget check your listing in their Find a Store section: it’s linked from the sidebar on every page of the main site, so well worth making sure your entry is up to date. Unfortunately the  Find a Store section hasn’t been integrated into the new Equip site *sob* — I’m sure it’s just an oversight 🙂

As yet there’s no online trade ordering or payment system, but I gather the trade section is under development. If you’d like to see online ordering via PubEasy.com, why not contact IVP and let them know? The more feedback we can give them at this early stage the better to ensure that the trade ordering service they come up with is something we want and can work with. And if you’d like to see online payments via batch.co.uk from IVP, contact the good folk at batch and they’ll supply you with some bright, friendly stickers that you can slap all over your IVP statements to help encourage them in the right direction.

One thought on “Time to get on board with the IVP Summer Sale!

  1. I agree with Phil about IVP needing an online trade presence (beyond just a single page with a few excel spreadsheets on it) but I am not convinced that pubeasy / batch are necessarily the best, or only way to do so.

    I like pubeasy for ordering, but it is useless if I need to know quantities of product in stock, or want to know more about a particular product, i still normally need to call the supplier, or visit amazon.co.uk (yuck!).

    As for batch, I can’t comment, we don’t use it. Since online banking is now so easy, and we would still need separate accounting software anyway, it barely seems worthwhile.

    I think IVP should consider going on pubeasy, but should also maintain their own trade site.

    It shouldn’t be too difficult to convert what they already have (retail wise) to a trade friendly site.

    That way, if i am just reordering stock i already know about, i can do so from pubeasy with my Marston / Norwich / CUP stuff, but if i am with a customer, trying to find out information about a book i have never heard of before, i can go to their own trade website, and not have to worry about them seeing a price i can’t match (like on amazon, kingsway etc… but i won’t say any more about that)

    In an ideal world, given the choice between pubeasy and a separate online trade site, i would choose both, but if it has to be one or t’other, I would love to see them simply kit out their retail site with a “trade login” button, and a few useful “Core Stock” type pages, as, on the whole, their site is one of the better ones to begin with.

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