Day of Prayer, 3rd Sept 2010

Praying HandsANOTHER Day of Prayer has been called for across the Christian retail trade, date agreed Friday 3rd September 2010 as announced at the Retailers and Suppliers Retreat held in May.

As with the last two Days of Prayer, the Day of Prayer page here will be updated nearer the time and available for specific prayer requests and notices to be posted. The focus of the day is intended to be on local issues, providing an ideal opportunity to liaise with local churches for mutual support.

As noted in Christian Marketplace, details of proposed meetings may also be posted via the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group, but please note that is a private group: information posted there will not be available to non-members.

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  1. Thanks for getting things rolling on the blog and FB. I’ve not been able to think beyond my nose just recently!

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