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Recently a friend on facebook asked if I knew what was going on with Authentic Media since the collapse of the old STL: had they survived? The answer, I’m pleased to say, is a resounding yes. I invited them to bring us up to date:



Following the news of IBS-STL UK going into administration at the end of 2009, many were left feeling in the dark and uncertain about what the future would hold. It was a challenging and unsettling time for us all. On behalf of the Authentic team we want to express our gratitude for all your prayers and kind messages of support.

For those who are not aware, Authentic Media were bought by Koorong Books Pty Ltd, an Australian retail company, on 19th December 2009. We are working extremely hard to establish our new company with Koorong and whilst we still have some difficult decisions to make and various challenges to overcome, we are excited and look forward to strengthening our working relationship with you all.

Mark Finnie, Authentic Media’s Publishing Director adds:

The Authentic team’s strong relationship with authors and customers, its creativity, dedication and passion, combined with the sales and marketing expertise of Koorong, has ensured a great start for the new Authentic. With two awards at CRE, six new titles in the best-sellers lists and great coverage in the media we have valued the support of our loyal customers.

We are pleased to have reprinted many strong sellers this year, including Seriously Funny, Son of Hamas, Song of the Nightingale and Father Forgive and are working on the re-release of five D. A. Carson titles and six further A. W. Tozer books.

We are also pleased to announce that the popular International Children’s Bible is now available once again from Authentic. Unfortunately, due to contractual issues, we cannot say the same for the NCV Youth Bible. We are disappointed that we will no longer be producing this Bible, however, we are pleased to say that we are currently working on a new and exciting Authentic Youth Bible for Spring 2011.

In order for us to rebuild and strengthen Authentic it is important for us to maintain good communication with you all; your comments and feedback are invaluable to us so please do keep in touch:

info AT*

Once again, we thank you for your patience, kindness and support over the last year.

From all the Authentic team,

Rob Bootes: Executive Director
Donna Harris: Operations Manager
Mark Finnie: Publishing Director
Malcolm Down: Publishing Manager
Mike Parsons: Paternoster Commissioning Editor
Peter Little: Production Coordinator
Liz Williams: Editorial Supervisor
Sarah Gallagher: Marketing Coordinator
Becky Fawcett: Editorial Coordinator
Richard Durham: Data Administrator
Wendy Tyler: Accounts Administrator
* Email address split for spam prevention — Ed.

3 thoughts on “Reintroducing Authentic Media

  1. Sirs

    I sincerely hope you do re-create the Authentic business. I am particularly keen to see RT Kendall material back in print.

    Best wishes

    David Kinnon

    • Hi David – you’ll R T Kendall’s works published by Hodder Faith … and at risk of rocking the boat slightly … Adrian Plass published by Authentic

      I take the view that there’s room for for both the R T Kendalls and the Adrian Plasses of Christian literature: I’ve never really connected with R T Kendall’s approach to Christian faith with its search for certainty and assurance; but I know that many (such as yourself) find his work immensely helpful: more strength and grace to you! For me, however, it’s the painful vulnerability and honest-to-God humour of Adrian Plass’s more questioning style that connects.

      It’s not about dumbing down: it’s about openness and being willing to ask awkward questions and challenge the status quo when the conventional answers simply don’t make sense in the face of reality … so, at least, it seems to me…

  2. What about the NCV Compact Anglicised Bible?
    Are you going to reprint that?
    We are desperate for clearly printed (large print would be great) NCV bibles to use among the Aboriginal people in Australia. We do not want bibles with additional devotional or other comments…
    thank you.

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