7/7: Muslim Perspectives

7/7: Muslim Perspectives

7/7: Muslim Perspectives: introductory flyer (pdf, 795kb)

My thanks to Hasan Ahmed of Rabita publishing for kindly providing me with a downloadable copy (pdf, 795kb) of their flyer introducing  7/7: Muslim Perspectives, published earlier this month to coincide with the 5th anniversary of the 2005 London bombings.

Whatever your view of Islam, one thing we as Christians cannot afford to do is to ignore our Muslim brothers and sisters, and nor must we fall into the fool’s trap of stereotyping all Muslims as the same: there are as many different perspectives within the Islamic community as there are in our own. This is a book that opens the door to dialogue and a better understanding between our two faiths and shows very clearly that Islam is not the enemy that some wish to portray it as.

From the book’s official facebook page:

This book explores and articulates insights, reactions and experiences of a wide range of Muslim men and women following the events of 7/7 – their feelings, anxieties and concerns. Also how they negotiated their own position with mainstream society and with each other in the aftermath. They reflect on the event and express their personal response, serving as a starting point for an exploration of the challenges and expectations which the future holds for them.

As the contributors come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, and a wide variety of spiritual practices, this project offers a rich mosaic of lived experience, subjective accounts of people’s hopes, worries and fears. In doing so, it offers a deeper meaning and understanding of Muslim lives in this country. It serves equally to put into perspective Islamic extremist ideologies in fringe groups.

The book offers a compelling range of testimony to those with an interest in the lives of Muslims – students, journalists, politicians, policy makers, academics etc. The benefits of this book are that it gives a voice to Muslims who are rarely heard, and an opportunity to disseminate those voices in such a way as to promote cross-cultural bonds and amity.

Bibliographic Info

7/7: Muslim Perspectives
Murtaza Shibli (Editor)
Rabita Publishing, 2010
200pp., £14.99

Available to trade customers from Gardners, standard trade terms.