Posted in July 2010

Day of Prayer, 3rd Sept 2010

ANOTHER Day of Prayer has been called for across the Christian retail trade, date agreed Friday 3rd September 2010 as announced at the Retailers and Suppliers Retreat held in May. As with the last two Days of Prayer, the Day of Prayer page here will be updated nearer the time and available for specific prayer requests … Continue reading

Roaring trade reported as Spirit moves in Chester

CHESTER’S NEWEST CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP, Spirit, have reported a roaring trade in their early trading period, with descriptions of half the stock sold on opening day and the Holy Spirit apparently knocking people over and sending books flying off the shelves for direct delivery to a customer who needed them. From the GloryFires newsletter, 27th June … Continue reading

Is there an alternative to Kingsway?

This is the question one commenter asked last month in response to Kingsway’s failure to address trade customers’ concerns about being effectively priced out of the market by their practice of comparing their online shop prices to their own RRPs. Astonishingly, as I prepare this post more than a month later, neither Kingsway nor David … Continue reading

Durham Cathedral Bookshop Staff Start Tribunal

Less than two weeks after the post of SPCK/SSG Two Years On: Reflections and Responses and things are moving towards a conclusion of the SPCK/SSG Saga at Durham Cathedral Shop as the Staff there begin their Tribunal. This action though seems not to just cover the past and prior management (if such word can be … Continue reading

Time to get on board with the IVP Summer Sale!

The IVP Summer Sale is underway with some great offers including ten titles at half-price or better with lots more at between £2 to £4 off normal prices — all available to us as trade customers less our normal trade discount. The sale started June 28th and runs through to August 31st this year, whilst … Continue reading

Being Like Water: Author Interview

Last month I reviewed Charlie Fox’s little book, Being Like Water. It’s a fascinating collection of Charlie’s reflections on what it means to be a Christian in a world that no longer understands what following Jesus is about — if, in fact, it ever did. As we’ve seen with our discussions with and about Kingsway, it seems … Continue reading

Simply Divine, Simply Delighted

TODAY, if you’ll forgive me, a little self-indulgence: I want to talk chocolate. Not just any old chocolate: delicious, Fairtrade Divine chocolate. Because on Wednesday this week the Divine Chocolate Company made my day: a phone call out of the blue from Wendy Rowan, their Account Manager, to tell me that we — that is, … Continue reading

Meeting Mel

I met Mel Menzies online earlier this year when she joined the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group. It wasn’t long before her posts and comments began to intrigue me, so I invited her to tell us more — and I’m glad I did… Mel writes: I feel honoured to have been invited to write … Continue reading