Posted in August 2010

Loose Ends and Updates

My thanks and apologies to the Rev Becky Troke whose recent comment on the former Wesley Owen > Southampton page has come as a timely reminder that I’ve allowed those pages to become a little out of date. Over the next few days I’ll therefore be focusing on those and clearing up a few other loose … Continue reading

Becky Garrison discovers Grace in the UK

Becky Garrison, author of Jesus Died for This? kindly invited me to the facebook launch event for her book — so I invited her right back to tell us all about it. Here, in an excerpt adapted from the book, Becky reflects on her pilgrimage to the UK and Ireland where one of her highlights … Continue reading

Housekeeping: Page Rearrangements; and Why Subscribe?

IF YOU’RE OBSERVANT you may have noticed a couple of new/resurrected links in the menu bar across the top of each page: Publishers: new and, to be more precise, Publisher Profiles: a growing library of information from publishers telling us who they are and why. If you’re a Christian publisher who hasn’t been featured yet, … Continue reading

Sovereign World: Bringing People Together

LATEST: New Trade Distribution Arrangement with CLC Wholesale In line with Sovereign World’s heart for Christian mission and service to ministry we have made the decision to move our wholesale supply of books to CLC Wholesale. Sovereign World will also continue to serve shops direct and all our titles remain available from New Wine Ministries. … Continue reading