The Light Shines on in Shrewsbury: Illuminate Christian Bookshop now under new ownership

Twitter update, 7th Aug 2010: Illuminate Trust Appeal Total £50.165. Praise the God of break through!! Please consider getting involved with mission on the high street.

ON MONDAY Phil Whittall, one time editor of Christian Marketplace (and who, as it happens, recruited yours truly as CM’s Web Reviews columnist, a role that has now come to an end, but that’s another story) announced that he is No longer a bookshop owner:

Today I edited my blog profile and removed the words ‘bookshop owner’. For the past 6 years I’ve been co-owner of Illuminate. There have been many good things except our finances. You can read about the vision here. Fortunately there are over 300 committed Christians in the town who want to keep it open and they’ve raised a staggering £48000 in a little over three weeks, enough to purchase the business.

While a number of practical details still need to work themselves out over the next few weeks and months essentially from the 1st August I made the shift from being a proprietor to landlord. We retain the freehold on the business and are proud to have a Christian bookshop and cafe, a Christian youthwork charity and a Christian money advice charity find a home in our 200 year old building.

Congratulations to all involved!

You can follow the ongoing story on twitter, via the Illuminate Christian media and cafe facebook page or by joining the Friends of Illuminate and Upper Room Café facebook groups — and I gather it’s not too late to become a non-profit shareholder if you’d like to become more directly involved.

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