Day of Prayer Update and Reminder

Praying HandsTHANKS to Andrew Lacey of GLO Bookshop, Motherwell, for his timely reminder over the weekend that our next Day of Prayer is looming closer: Friday 3rd September 2010.

I’ve updated the page logo with the date (hi-res version here) and following Joy McIlroy’s example from last time, have set up a facebook event page: please feel free to post details of events and/or points for praise or prayer here, on the Day of Prayer page, or there as appropriate.

If you and/or your shop are not on facebook yet, why not take this opportunity to join or create a page, use it to connect with your customers and help spread the word? There are several Christian book trade groups you can get involved with:

twitter On twitter? Tweet it out!

Shout Out to Christian Authors

Are you a Christian author who has written about prayer? Then why not seize this opportunity to liaise with your local Christian bookshop, to support the shop and promote your book at the same time by offering to lead or co-ordinate a Day of Prayer event — to make it more than a prayer meeting by spending some time exploring and reflecting upon what prayer is all about?

A Personal Request

Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern over the current situation at LST as well as for my assistant, Nick, and myself as we face an uncertain future. Please continue to pray:

  • for us, for grace as we feel our way forward, both for ourselves and the shop;
  • for those at LST who have the unenviable task of implementing staff cuts;
  • for me, for wisdom as I seek the way forward for UKCBD and this blog.