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Paul Stanier: Managing Director, Sovereign World

Paul Stanier: Managing Director, Sovereign World

LATEST: New Trade Distribution Arrangement with CLC Wholesale

In line with Sovereign World’s heart for Christian mission and service to ministry we have made the decision to move our wholesale supply of books to CLC Wholesale. Sovereign World will also continue to serve shops direct and all our titles remain available from New Wine Ministries. In the interests of our new wholesale arrangement with CLC and New Wine Ministries we have made the difficult decision to no longer supply STL, who over many years have carried our titles. We acknowledge STL’s history with our company and we are grateful for their contribution…

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If you’ve been involved in the Christian book trade for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly come across Sovereign World publishing — but what makes a company like Sovereign World tick? And has the company’s vision changed since its acquisition by The Christian Trust back in 2006? I invited Paul Stanier, Managing Director, to enlighten us:

It was August 1986 that Chris Mungeam first established Sovereign World Limited. Having enjoyed twenty-three years in Christian publishing, and now newly baptized in the Spirit, Chris voiced concern for reaching the church with books emphasizing a balance of the Word and the Spirit. The aim of the company was to specialize in books relating to the worldwide moving of the Holy Spirit. The focus was on subjects such as repentance, prayer, fasting, gifts and ministries of God’s Spirit, spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing as well as basic Bible study material. Twenty years later, in April 2006, Sovereign World Ltd was acquired by The Christian Trust, the Registered Charity responsible for the growing work of Ellel Ministries International, to continue the precious work of publishing outstanding Christian teaching. Ellel Ministries was founded in 1986, the same year as Sovereign World, and the future was a divine knitting together of these two organizations, both of which share the vision to proclaim the Kingdom of God by preaching the good news, healing the broken-hearted and setting the captives free.

Frida: Chosen to Die, Destined to Live
Sarah:  From an abusive childhood and the depths of suicidal despair to a life of hope and freedom
Why Pray For Israel?

Today the vision for the type of books Sovereign World publishes remains unchanged. With the added dimension of Ellel Ministries we are now publishing powerful biographical stories of God’s transforming power to rescue and heal those in the darkest situations, as demonstrated in Frida, In Rebel Hands and Sarah. Out of Ellel Ministries’ extensive teaching in the healing ministry, more books are being produced that will help equip the Church to deal with a wide range of life’s most complicated, and for many, unhealed issues. Pastoral care is one of the most sought after needs of any congregation, yet so many churches are unable to meet that need. Sovereign World is a vital resource to enable this. For instance, our Truth & Freedom series opens doors of healing to many. It is our privilege to publish authors with deep experience in the faith and to help them spread the great hope found through Jesus Christ.

The world is changing dramatically, but God’s Word never changes. As we look to the future the relevance of Sovereign World has never been more important. We are on the threshold of an exciting new horizon. Scripture shows time and again that it is usually from a dark place that man most comprehends the magnificence of God’s redemptive work on mankind. God is moving in increasingly clear ways as this world’s darkness encroaches. As it gets darker, God’s light seems brighter and easier to navigate to. For times such as these I believe the message of God’s redemption of Israel can be applied to us. Christians need to join together in common truth and be willing to walk a path of holiness before there can be true unity. Zephaniah 3:9 (NIV) says:

Then will I purify the lips of the peoples,
that all of them may call on the name of the LORD
and serve him shoulder to shoulder.

We believe Sovereign World has been placed in a position on the front line of God’s agenda in giving people the tools they need. We want to help bring believers shoulder to shoulder – in unity to serve God. The fulfilment of Sovereign World’s vision is to see corporate transformation take place both within and outside the church. We are therefore looking to publish a broad range of titles with authors either known or unknown who want to partner with us in this vision. Our goal is to bring people together under the common truth of the Kingdom of God and see people healed and equipped to serve God for His purposes.

Our goal is to bring people together under the common truth of the Kingdom of God and see people healed and equipped to serve God for His purposes.

One of the greatest challenges facing Sovereign World is the sheer volume of Christian literature now being written and published. It is estimated there are 1000 new titles being released each month in the UK alone. Yet we believe our role in Christian book publishing is a discerning one. Please take the time to review the descriptions of our list of books. You will find that we are reaching into the very heart of the issues of the Church and Christian life today. As a company, we feel called to meet the needs of the church in a way we believe is vital.

In reaching out to you, the bookshops or reader, my hope is that you are envisioned by the possibility of equipping your local churches with Sovereign World books that can bring a wealth of fruit into their congregations – to bring renewal and transformation through healing, discipleship and holiness.

While holding fast to God’s calling on Sovereign World we rely on the Body of Christ to express support of our vision through the purchase of our books. This has a two-fold effect. Firstly, every book sale we make enables Sovereign World to publish the next book, thus continuing what we believe is an essential mission. Secondly, and most importantly, each purchase has the capacity to change lives and even communities. I am hoping you want to join with us in faith to see God work in this way.

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