Housekeeping: Page Rearrangements; and Why Subscribe?

IF YOU’RE OBSERVANT you may have noticed a couple of new/resurrected links in the menu bar across the top of each page:

  • Publishers: new and, to be more precise, Publisher Profiles: a growing library of information from publishers telling us who they are and why. If you’re a Christian publisher who hasn’t been featured yet, you’ll probably be hearing from me soon, but if you’d like to get a head start, please feel free to get in touch
  • Trade Notes: resurrected, hopefully self-explanatory, but to clarify, it’s simply a place where you can leave (or find) notes about supplier address changes, new distribution arrangements, the appointment of new cleaning staff or the departure of a CEO: odd snippets of useful info that don’t necessarily warrant a blog post but are worth knowing about.

To make room for these, I’ve archived the Swap Shop page: it hasn’t seen much use recently, but it’s still available if anyone does want to avail themselves of it; and likewise the Wesley Owen pages, archived but still available.

Suggestions for new sections and/or features are always very welcome; and if at any point you lose track of where things are, please visit the Q&A page.


UKCBD is a free online resource which exists to promote the Christian faith by providing a two-way service to the Christian community: an easy way for visitors to find their nearest Christian Bookshop, and an easy way for Christian Bookshops to develop their online presence.

My aim with UKCBD is to provide as comprehensive and up-to-date a guide to the UK’s Christian Bookshops as is humanly possible, with this blog running alongside the Directory as a forum for discussion, news, reviews and trade information.

Every shop listed is indexed by name and by location, and every shop whose entry has been updated during the last couple of years has its own dedicated page. Some are bare-bones entries, others are fully descriptive with contact details, opening times, shop logo and links to their own websites, facebook pages and twitter. I’d like to bring every entry up to date and up to the same standard, and your subscription will help to make this possible.

As well as helping to support the site’s ongoing development, however, subscribing shops benefit directly as follows:

  • Standard free entries are supported by Google and other advertising; subscriber entries are ad-free.
  • Subscriber entries can also include a shop photograph.
  • Subscriber entries will be prioritised for updates.
  • Subscribers are entitled to an email address.

And the cost of that subscription? £10 per year.

UKCBD exists to support you in your ministry as a Christian bookshop: and UKCBD in turn needs your support: we are stronger together, weaker apart. If you are in a position to do so, please donate or subscribe now via PayPal.

Thank you.