Good News for Struggling Shops and their Customers as RHP release more £1 Classics

THANK YOU to Geoff Wallace of Maranatha Christian Bookshop, Uxbridge, for this  follow on to Joy McIlroy’s recent note (in the Trade Notes section) about RHP’s £1 Classics Series. I have to confess that I haven’t tried them at LST yet, but I’ll certainly make sure that my successor knows about them for when I’m gone. A series that sells as well as Geoff and Joy have each found has to be a winner, methinks — and might well make the difference between make or break!

One Pound Classics from Rickfords Hill Publishing

One Pound Classics from Rickfords Hill Publishing

Geoff writes: Rickfords Hill Publishing have just released 6 more titles in their One Pound Classics series. The books include Pilgrim’s Progress, and books by Andrew Murray, Roy Hessian, Torrey and others.

The good news is that they are now all available from CLC Wholesale.

If shops are struggling with sales then stocking these books would really help. The new titles were only published in August but at Maranatha we have already sold nearly 100 copies across the 6 titles and more with the previous titles. They outsell our other books all the time.

Most of the customers who buy them buy copies for themselves and more copies to give away. We have sold 100s of copies of the previous 6 titles including 360 copies of Hungry for More of Jesus and 325 copies of Hallowed Be Thy Names (both by David Wilkerson and both superb books)

We devote a whole shelf to these books and they are the most popular shelf in the shop. At £1 they are amazing value especially as some of the books are over 260 pages long.

4 thoughts on “Good News for Struggling Shops and their Customers as RHP release more £1 Classics

  1. I agree. We sold over 800 of the original series, when you had to buy them in bulk packs; being able to get them individually from CLC is going to be a great help.

  2. Yes I agree too – we sell loads of these in LO Leeds! A number of customers buy 4 or 5 of them regularly to give away to people, they’re definitely worth stocking.

  3. Any retailers who have a high student population would be good to get these. My staff left them on the counter the other day as she didn’t get a chance to put them on the shelves and when she return 2 days later they were nearly all gone! Turns out our team of international volunteers (around 50 of them aged 18-28) had been buying them by the barrel-load! Particularly pleased to see Pilgrim’s Progress included in them now.

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