Day of Prayer #3

Praying HandsTODAY, Friday 3rd September 2010, is our third Day of Prayer for the Christian book and retail trade, and there’s lots to be thankful for as well as to pray for. For details of meetings at various venues around the country, please see the facebook event page; but regardless of where you are — whether on your own or with others — please take some time out today to remember Christian authors, agents, booksellers and publishers in your prayers.

  • May each of us, from our different vantage points, come to understand that we are all in this ministry together, serving the same Lord and working for God’s Kingdom. May we never seek to gain unfair competitive advantage over one another but may we instead seek opportunities to support one another in love.

Please continue to pray especially for Mike Norbury as he comes to terms with the recent loss of his wife, Jackie. Mike writes:

Will you please thank all the (literally) hundreds of people in this great trade of ours who sent messages of prayer and condolence by card, letter, Facebook and e-mail. It was like being carried on a wonderful bed of feathers lifting me above what could have easily been a bed of nails.

My request for prayer now is that:

  1. I will be able, eventually, be able to come to terms with her leaving me at such a young age – just 48. Even though I know she’s in the loving arms of our Saviour and rejoicing with Him for eternity It is so hard.
  2. That God will continue to put His loving arms around us all as we get used to life without Jackie, especially her family in Bolton (and a sister in the USA) who are heartbroken.
  3. That the good work He started through Jackie will continue – already her testimony is changing lives.

Let’s also pray for:

  • Living Oasis Croydon seeking suitable premises after losing the lease on the former Wesley Owen store to another company.
  • Shops and other businesses struggling to make ends meet. In particular, please pray for LST Books & Resources and my colleague Nick Aston as he prepares to take on responsibility for the shop after my departure on 16th Sept; and for me as I focus on developing UKCBD and this blog post-LST; and the poor unfortunates at Sainsbury’s, Biggleswade, who will be contending with my presence on a part-time basis as I seek financial stability.
  • Durham Cathedral Shop: the story is far from over as staff adjust to new working relationships. Please pray for the Cathedral authorities as they struggle to come to terms with their complicity in staff mistreatment; the tribunal process seeking justice and compensation; and the Brewer brothers as they continue to evade justice: may there be a fair outcome for all.
  • STL UK as they continue to rebuild trust with their trading partners at both ends of the supply chain: publishers, other suppliers and retailers alike; the former STL staff whose roles were made redundant, and the staff now working under a new regime.
  • All other businesses and individuals still struggling in the aftermath of Biblica’s withdrawal from the UK Christian trade last year; for Biblica themselves as they have yet to acknowledge or show signs of repentance for the damage done.
  • as their business continues to grow and they explore ideas for working creatively alongside the rest of us.
  • Hymns Ancient & Modern and St Andrew Press seeking a way forward for Church of Scotland publishing.

For more prayer points and a good overview of the current state of play in the Christian book trade, please see GLO Bookshop’s note, Day of Prayer for UK Christian Bookshops Friday 3rd September 2010

Let’s be thankful for:

There’s much more we could be offering prayer and praise for, of course: these are just a few things off the top of my head as I write this post: thank you for reading and thank you for praying.

Looking back:

12 thoughts on “Day of Prayer #3

  1. Thanks to everyone for all your support and prayers. As I start back to work on Monday to see friends all over Scotland I also ask for a smooth transition into getting back into the flow of things. Just taking a few minutes now to stand alongside everyone – of how many worldwide trades could one say, “They are my brothers and sisters”? – Love Mike xx

  2. Joining in prayer with all my collegues, near and far, and also gathering with customers to ask for God’s grace through the coming year that the Christian Retail Businesses and Christian Bookshops, ours included, will be blessed with an outpouring of riches, strength and grace, to see all things through and to grow stronger each day witnessing as a presence of God’s mercy, love, forthrightness and steadfastness to those that enter in and pass by. Holy is His Name :0)

  3. Thank you so much to those who gathered for prayer at the GLO Bookshop this morning. Maybe a dozen or so people coming & going as time permitted- but still a real privilege to be upheld & accompanied in prayer in this way!

    Thank you as well to those who have been in contact via Facebook, email, text- or just speaking to us!- to express their support. I know it’s not a ‘numbers game’- we would have been privileged if ONE person had expressed support- but it is so encouraging that friends stand by us in this way.

    And, it is OFFICIAL- in addition to praying for us on 3rd September- apparently God hears our prayers ALL THE TIME! So please continue to uphold those working in the the ‘Bookshop’ corner of the Vineyard

    Grace & peace to you all in His Name

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  5. My thanks to Phil for providing this invaluable prayer information this morning.

    We gathered as staff groups here at CWR to pray and then later in the morning, our CWR Partners prayed for the Christian literature ministry in the UK and beyond.

    It was impressed upon me again quite forceably this morning just how important prayer is to our overall ministry. It must never be treated as an add-on but a vital part of what we do as a trade.

    The scripture we centred on was Psalm 1:3 – an apt verse for all of us involved in wanting to see people reached for the Kingdom via the ministry of book and music.

    • Thanks Eddie. Have to say it’s been amazing: fantastic encouragement to find pretty well every time I’ve logged on to facebook today, someone’s been commenting about the day of prayer. We are carried by one another’s prayers.

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  8. I think we should mark this in the ‘Answer to Prayer’ page!

    In the last few days I spoken to three people who have said to me,’I could have bought it from Amazon but I wanted to come into a Bookshop’. I can’t really remember ANYONE saying that before- usually it’s the other way around!

    So be encouraged. God still hears and is still in the business of answering.

    • I have to admit I have a few customers that are like that, but always have been and it is nice when they think like that.
      However I can say I still agree with Andrew as just today I have had 2 new customers come in who have only just found me and have gone away saying they must remember where I am and will be telling others we are here.
      So that’s definitely good news here, and I thank God greatly for his grace and wonder.

    • … more to the point, perhaps: God’s people seem to be hearing and responding!

      At LST we’ve had a lot of this, always encouraging; but not enough of it … yet. I’m hoping, hoping, although I won’t be there to see it, that the new intake of students will embrace the bookshop as a resource centre for their studies and then, as they go on to become Christian leaders, will carry that vision with them to their churches or other places of ministry further down the line…

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