Posted in December 2010

Good News for Christian Retailers and Consumers as STL UK and Suppliers collaborate to absorb January’s VAT increase

STL UK HAVE ANNOUNCED that following consultations with their suppliers, “in the main” they will be absorbing January’s VAT increase by adjusting ex-VAT prices to keep VAT-inclusive prices for end consumers the same. Vatable items such as CDs, for instance, currently retailing at £14.99 will continue to retail at £14.99 by means of a behind-the-scenes adjustment … Continue reading

Call to keep the light shining in Cupar, Fife

THE LIGHTHOUSE in Cupar, Fife, has become the latest Christian bookshop/café to feel the squeeze of the recession and has issued a call to the local community to use it or lose it. Launched in 1987, the shop celebrates its 23rd anniversary this month and is holding a special Christmas lunch today for those who … Continue reading