Call to keep the light shining in Cupar, Fife

THE LIGHTHOUSE in Cupar, Fife, has become the latest Christian bookshop/café to feel the squeeze of the recession and has issued a call to the local community to use it or lose it.

Launched in 1987, the shop celebrates its 23rd anniversary this month and is holding a special Christmas lunch today for those who may not have anyone else to celebrate a Christmas treat with.

Talking about the current financial situation to Fife Today, manager Jane Crockett explained:

The whole ethos of the Lighthouse is about caring and sharing – even if that’s just sharing a table with people you don’t know.

We’re not about making money, we just need enough to keep going.

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3 thoughts on “Call to keep the light shining in Cupar, Fife

  1. So very sad to hear of news like this where the work is so important. Praying hard that the community can come together but wonder sadly what it says about our Christian communities that we cannot seem to be able to support these high street missions where once we could.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about these difficulties. We discovered the Lighthouse years ago while visiting family in Fife, and always stop by to buy books and have a meal when we are in Scotland. It’s cosy, friendly and welcoming, the food is good, it’s obviously a place where people feel at home. Cupar would not be the same without it.
    I help run a bookshop/coffee shop in Hay-on-Wye, and fully understand the problems and struggles, and also the need for this kind of place of light in what is often a dark world. May God bless you at the Lighthouse and keep your beacon shining out!

  3. A Christian Bookshop Manager said recently that most of their customers were considerably older than the shop staff. But wearing my Goodbookstall hat and looking at what bookshops are recommending and site visitors are viewing, I still get the feeling of a lively, young heart bunch of people. sadly that might relate to their reading habits (via the internet?) not their actions.

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