News Roundup: Covenant Books, Preston, Reopens | J Marr Seafoods Sponsors Jacob’s Well | Living Oasis Prayer Line on facebook | Love Wins – or does it? | Small Publishers featured in STL Trade Emails

BBC News, Lancashire: Christian bookshop in Preston gets lifeline

BBC News, Lancashire: Christian bookshop in Preston gets lifeline

Covenant Books, Preston, Reopens

CONGRATULATIONS to all involved in the recent resurrection of Covenant Books, Preston!

The usual story of financial constraints ended with the shop’s closure on Christmas Eve last year, but the shop’s trustees have now agreed that the shop can reopen with volunteer help, subject to review after 6 months.

Describing the shop’s difficulties to BBC Lancashire, Annie Colbert, who founded and still runs the shop, explained the cashflow problems involved in having to stock up for Christmas as early as February but then having to pay for the stock in August, long before eventually selling the stock during the Christmas period. Suppliers, facing their own financial pressures, were largely unwilling or unable to wait until stock had sold through.

J Marr Seafoods Sponsors Jacob’s Well

Fish News: J Marr sponsors Jacob's Well

Fish News: J Marr sponsors Jacob's Well

CONGRATULATIONS to Jacob’s Well, Beverley, on receiving sponsorship from J Marr Seafoods for their next container’s shipping costs to Ghana:

J. Marr (Seafoods) has strong trading links with Africa and particularly Ghana where the Jacob’s Well Appeal is working with a Ghana-registered NGO called FREED. They have asked for help in sending medicines and equipment to the Upper North West part of the country; it is the poorest part of Ghana and subsequently sterilisers, dental equipment, anaesthetic equipment and many other useful items and medicines were sent. Books and sports equipment were also provided for local schools in the area.

Read the full story: J.Marr sponsors Jacob’s Well appeal

LivingOasis Prayerline

LivingOasis Prayerline

Living Oasis Prayer Line on facebook

LIVING OASIS have launched a new profile and page on facebook:

As I prepare this post, both are looking rather lonely with only 15 friends and 8 likes respectively, so head on over there, send your friend request and hit that like button: you know you want to!

Living Oasis prayer line

Living Oasis prayer line

Neither the profile nor the page give any indication of who in the organisation is behind them or whether these particular facebook presences are intended for mutual support within the organisation, to garner prayer support from outside or to offer prayer support for others. It may well be all three: all are certainly needed and to be warmly welcomed.

Most, possibly all, Living Oasis stores now have their own facebook pages, with Leeds and Liverpool both using the new company logo but still reporting delays to opening as their “Phase Two” development and refurbishment works continue.

Love Wins – or does it?

HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE AN EVANGELICAL SCORCHED, it seems, and John Piper, the USA’s guardian of evangelical orthodoxy, evidently felt the heat rising in his veins as he learnt about a video promoting Rob Bell’s forthcoming book from Zondervan/HarperCollins, Love Wins. Rob’s offence: to dare to suggest that God’s love might actually win out in the end, that God’s grace might reach further than Christian tradition would have us believe. Search Google for John Piper Rob Bell Love Wins and you’ll soon begin to feel the heat yourself as the message that emerges seems to be, “See how these Christians love to hate one another.”

Whether or not you believe Universalism to be a valid evangelical take on truth, the evangelical take on truth is far from universal in the Christian church. Only you, gentle bookseller, can decide whether or not to stock a book that has been so roundly condemned and yet which seems to hold out such an awesome message of hope for humanity. Personally speaking, I’d go for it and welcome the dialogue. To help you decide, however, some wise words from Krish Kandiah, a review by Greg Boyd, a suggestion for further reading, the video itself and, last but not least, full details of the book, due later this month:

Love Wins

Love Wins
Rob Bell

Zondervan/HarperCollins, March 2011

Available to order from STL Distribution

Small Publishers featured in STL Trade Emails

Worth A Look: St Mark's Press

Worth A Look: St Mark's Press

AND FINALLY FOR THIS ROUNDUP, congratulations to St Mark’s Press, featured in a new section of STL’s weekly trade email, “Worth a Look!”

The section, which showcases some lesser known publishers, has been added to give retailers more information about the range of publishers STL carries. This time around the feature highlights Today’s Issues and Christian Beliefs by Simon and Christopher Danes: the original edition published by Lion sold over 100,000 copies; this new edition has been completely revised and updated to tie in with GCSE Religious Studies requirements.

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  1. I have not read ‘Love Wins.’ But given “the ever present fog” of our day I would not be surprised if it confuses more than it clarifies the subject. Given various comments that I have read, that seems to be the case

    Christians need to get back to the basics where love reclaims its rightful place as our halmark rather than our heresy.

    If anyone would care to read Love, Prayer and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies, I would be glad to send the pdf.

    There is also a link to it on amazon on my website for further info.

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