Living Oasis Update: Harrow celebrates 1st birthday and Watford finds new premises

Living Oasis Christian Bookshop Birthday Party

Living Oasis Christian Bookshop Birthday Party

MORE CONGRATULATIONS are in order, first of all to Living Oasis, Harrow, who celebrated their first birthday on Saturday 12th March with authors, guest speakers from London School of Theology, live music and much more — all backed up with homemade, fair trade cupcakes and tea & coffee.

Sadly I couldn’t be there myself, but if you made it, please leave a comment to tell us how it went — even better if you can supply some photos!

If Living Oasis Harrow is your local Christian bookshop, please use them — because if you don’t then we’ll lose them, and there’s been far too much of that over the last month!

Living Oasis Watford find new premises

Living Oasis Watford find new premises

Next up, congratulations to Living Oasis, Watford, who have at last managed to find new premises to move into. It’s sad news for That Burger which closed down next to Presence on the High Street, but great news for Living Oasis and for Watford’s Christian community.

Describing the move for Christian Gateway Watford, Jill, who works at the shop, writes:

We are so grateful to God for keeping us when other shops have sadly had to close due to lack of support. We desperately need Watford Christians to support the new shop. Steve Cardell has made this move possible and we are incredibly grateful to him.

The shop will continue to trade from Queen’s Road until 15th April: keep an eye on Christian Gateway Watford for news of the opening ceremony at the new site.

Please continue to pray:

6 thoughts on “Living Oasis Update: Harrow celebrates 1st birthday and Watford finds new premises

  1. Many of us (myself included) are very quick to pipe up when bad things happen, while good news stories, like this, go unnoticed.

    So let me add my congratulations to the team at Living Oasis in Harrow. Making it through that first year is a big milestone, and no small feat.

    Also, it is definitely worth acknowledging the customers and churches in the area that have supported them.

    And congratulations to the team in Watford. Interesting to see that they appear to have selected a site which doesn’t immediately lend itself to being a Phase-Two, rather using one which is already there (The Coffee House, at Presence) and well liked, which is a much better model, in my opinion.

    Well done guys, our prayers are certainly with you.

  2. Have to agree with Luke that I think the Watford model of sharing space, as it were, is a great idea – a bit like being in a market, very community orientated and also it means livelihoods and development for more than one group as it were. My bookshop here is right next to the market cafe – a good symbiosis indeed and works wonderfully. I think this is a great way for things to work, spreads the costs, widens the potential and at the same time lowers the risks.
    I also agree it is great to support good news things too – something I think Phil has always tried to do, and indeed done, on the blog which is great to see.
    It is a true fact though that people are always going to have more to say on ‘hot topics’ than on the feel good ones 😉
    But hearty well done’s to those passing their year mark are always to be offered, with a prayer for many more still to come and may the transition be a time of refreshing for all involved, for new insight and loads of energy going forward.

    • Thanks Melanie.

      I’d always much rather report good news than bad, but bad news is part of life so I report both. Getting the balance right is a challenge but I’m always open to being challenged if I get it wrong…

  3. Really really sorry to see that only 2 weeks after they celebrated their first full year trading that Living Oasis Harrow have announced they will be closing down next Saturday – 3rd April.
    My heartfelt thoughts and prayers go with them.
    I also pray that just as real oases sometimes dry out for a season, that so from this dry desert new waters will soon flow – that a time of refreshing will soon happen and a thunderstorm of rich refreshing living waters will soon rain down into this area (and others) and from it a fresh growth will happen, and that the seed planted already in this place will swell and grow and flourish. An independent type perhaps like the resurrection plant, Rose of Jericho, that can weather both drought and storm and in so doing act as outreach and signal for those needing to find new life and refreshing in the often barren harsh lands our cities and towns can sometimes feel like, a place where the sojourner in a strange land can perhaps rest for a while without feeling alien. This is my prayer for Harrow in this time and the other towns and cities where Living Oasis, and indeed other bookshop missions, are passing and closing.

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