Good News for Macclesfield as Hope Centre prepares to open in former Wesley Owen premises

Hope Centre, Macclesfield: Coming soon!

Hope Centre, Macclesfield: Coming soon!

AFTER THE RECENT SLEW of bad news reports with Living Oasis closures and STL facing redundancies once again, it’s good to be able to post yet another good news story as HOPE in North East Cheshire prepares to open a new Christian coffee shop and bookshop on the site of Macclesfield’s former Wesley Owen:

The Hope Centre, is an initiative of Hope in North East Cheshire. It is based in the old Wesley Owen bookshop in Park Green, Macclesfield. It functions both as a coffee shop, and a Christian bookshop selling books, CD and other fairly traded goods. In addition to these commercial aspects is [sic] is designed to provide a beacon of hope to the people of Macclesfield.

Thirty nine churches in the area have come together to make the initiative possible and have been working on the project for the best part of a year now. From the minutes of a meeting held on July 18th 2010:

It is envisaged that the ground floor will contain a small coffee bar selling light refreshments, an information area where services and events in all churches and Hope in North East Cheshire will be available as well as access to other forms of help, a retail area selling cards, books, dvd’s, etc and a computer corner where people with no access at home can be helped online. The entrance to the shop will be made wheelchair accessible and there will be a disabled toilet on the ground floor with ramp where necessary.

The actual opening date has yet to be announced, but detailed plans have been drawn up and volunteers are being recruited: congratulations to all involved!

Hope Centre Plans

Screenshot of Hope Centre Plans: click through for a closer view

7 thoughts on “Good News for Macclesfield as Hope Centre prepares to open in former Wesley Owen premises

  1. Now that’s the kind of news it’s good to hear on a grey wednesday!
    fantastic to hear and it really does fill one with Hope! Prayers and good wishes for all involved.

  2. Great news. The plans look fantastic.

    And while my feelings on combining coffee/books on a single site are well known, if the reality lives up to the plans, then I am prepared to admit that I could well be wrong.

    Out prayers are with you as you move forward.


  3. Congratulations Macclesfield! Go for it. I’ve never been a fan of books and coffee, particularly when coffee makes contact with book, but so many people have told me about the huge profit margins on food and drink, that you have to think. I also go with Melanie’s frequent statement, having done it myself also, and that is to extend beyond books to gifts etc in order to appeal to the widest possible number of people.

  4. Praise the Lord!

    What Good news.

    I pray that the Lord will favor them and that they will be a huge success.

    Well done to all concerned.

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