UKCBD Spring Cleaning 2011 – and a free entry upgrade!

UK Christian Bookshops Directory: Discover your local Christian bookshop!

Discover your local Christian bookshop!

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN — out come the dusters and the cobweb brushes as I make my annual (and always ongoing) attempt to bring all the UK Christian Bookshops Directory records up to date!

Over the last year we’ve seen a lot of shops come and go, as well as change hands, and at this point I need your help, please: if you own or work in a Christian bookshop, please check your entry — either via the Shop Name Index or the Town and City Index (the two are mirrored so it doesn’t matter which way you go in) — and let me know, either via a comment on this post or directly, if it needs updating.

If you’re a Christian bookshop customer, please do likewise: check the entries for your local Christian bookshop(s) and do two things if they’re not listed or the entry is out of date:

  1. Call in at the shop and encourage them to check their entry
  2. Leave a comment here or give me a shout

Every entry that has been updated within the last three years has a date against it. Entries with no date have not been updated within that period and my plan is to flag these up with a query if no information is forthcoming from either the shop owners, customers or other sources.

Last but not least: a FREE entry upgrade for every retailer who responds to this call! In the past, inclusion of a shop photograph has only been available to paying subscribers. This time around, if you send me — or supply the URL (web address) for — a photograph of your shop, it will be added to your entry free of charge. All basic entries and access to the Directory remain, as ever, free of charge.

Please note that UKCBD is a 100% voluntary project: there are no paid staff beavering away behind the scenes. It may therefore take some time to amend or add entries: please be patient!

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “UKCBD Spring Cleaning 2011 – and a free entry upgrade!

  1. Info on the Hub all looks present and correct.

    AS for photos, take your pick:

    Also, I can confirm that St Mary’s on the Mount is closed.

    I believe they have a small bookstall during church, but do not operate as a bookshop any more.

  2. re our shops updates:
    FOOTPRINTS Middlesbrough was sold, & is now Open Door Christian Shop, Address & phone No unchanged.
    FOOTPRINTS Bishop Auckland, email add is now
    website is defunct
    Opening times 10am to 4pm (EC Wed 2pm)
    Closed sunday & BH
    We no longer build & repair PC’s.
    Harvest is no longer held at Witton Castle, so please delete all ref to it.
    FOOTPRINTS Darlington
    Website defunct
    email add is now
    Contact person is Sue Carpenter

    • Thanks John – humble apologies for not updating the Open Door details sooner: will get onto that and the others over the course of this weekend…

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