Social Media Update: Alban Books, Christian Bits, Christian Bookshop Ossett, CLC Inverness, CLC Wholesale and a note about security

GOOD TIMES on the social media front with several new entrants from the Christian book trade. Without further ado, then, a warm welcome to:

Alban Books’ first tweet brings us a reminder that a certain wedding is imminent — an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone with a special souvenir edition of the King James Bible:



Lorna tells me that things are going well for them in Ossett, with around 30 children plus accompanying adults attending their first Easter holiday literary activity morning: congratulations to all involved!

CLC Wholesale would like your feedback on promotions — head on over to facebook to have your say: What kind of promotion would you like to see CLC Wholesale do?

Last but not least: have you secured your facebook and twitter connections? It’s a straightforward procedure on both facebook and twitter which will make your accounts much less susceptible to hackers. If you’re not sure whether  or not you’re using a secure connection, simply look at the URL in your browser’s address bar: if it begins https://, you’re secure; if it begins http:// — without the ‘s’ — you’re not.

On facebook, go to Account (top right in your facebook browser window) > Account Settings > Account Security > Change, select the “Secure browsing” checkbox shown in this screenshot, then click the Save button further down the page:

Facebook Security

Facebook Security

It’s a similar procedure on twitter.

6 thoughts on “Social Media Update: Alban Books, Christian Bits, Christian Bookshop Ossett, CLC Inverness, CLC Wholesale and a note about security

  1. Is there anyone who can tell me how to use Facebook in the best way? I have a Facebook page for my shop, but don’t know if I’ve set it up correctly, or how properly to tell people about it. I seem also to have my own Facebook page, which I don’t really need, as I have my own personal one anyway. There must be some way of finding out how to negociate all this social networking!

    • Yvonne, just a note to say that I have the same issue- it seems you have to have a ‘personal’ page before you can set up a ‘business’ page. A lot of people seem to get by using their personal page as a ‘business’ page, but I wanted to keep them separately. Does mean I can have ‘open’ status on the ‘Business’ page and ‘Friends Only’ on personal page.

      Alas, it does sometimes means that the GLO Bookshop page seems to populate back to my ‘personal’ page so my relatives in Australia keep finding out whether we are open or shut….. Welcome to look at our page to see what we do (just type in ‘GLO Bookshop’) or have a look through the likes of ‘UK Christian Bookshops Directory’ to see how folks are using their FB pages……!

    • Hi Yvonne – it’s been a while since I last updated my list of Christian bookshops on facebook but still handy for quick reference: A Facebook Roundup for the Christian Book Trade. In particular, see the Resources and Where Next? sections at the bottom of the page for some helpful guides.

      The simplest way to tell people about your facebook page is to include a link whenever you mention it. A link in your email footer is always a good idea too.

  2. Thanks for this prompt re the Royal Wedding Souvenir Bible- flagged on Facebook & sold four in the course of the day @ £20 each! Celebrations all round….

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