News Roundup: The New Beginnings Edition

NEW BEGINNINGS: they’re what following Jesus is all about, from life through death and back to life again, and to get the month of September off to a good start we have a series of new beginnings to celebrate — but each has come at a cost. As I prepare this post, I’m listening to Coldplay’s latest single, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, and one line seems to stand out especially: “I’d rather be a comma than a full stop” — it seems to sum up our calling as Christians, to be commas rather than full stops in God’s purposes, ready for whatever comes next. But the role of a comma, like a grain of wheat, is far from easy: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies,” said Jesus, “it remains only a single grain—”

Enough of my ramblings for now, however; on to the stories:

In Brief…

Christian Marketplace reports on the Altar Missals shenanigans with CTS: An unholy row over Missals

Glenn Myers, author of June’s Guest Post, Why I started telling stories to tell the truth, is now twittering with the rest of us @Glenn_Myers

Janet Wilson of Dernier Publishing fame has entered the blogosphere: head over there for the latest info on all Dernier’s books for children & teenagers.

What is the future for Christian bookselling? Clem Jackson reflects on the current state of the UK Christian book trade: join the conversation on facebook.

Corner Stone Clapham survives Riots

CORNER STONE CHRISTIAN BOOKSHOP, CLAPHAM, had a narrow escape in London’s riots as windows were smashed and a fire started, causing some £4,000 worth of damage — fortunately, however, one of the rioters had a change of heart and returned to put the fire out. A report posted by the Barnabas Fund, Christian Bookshop at Centre of Riots Saved, describes another rioter about to set fire to the premises but being dissuaded by someone, whom the shop’s owners believe was an angel, shouting, “No, don’t do that, I live upstairs!”

Whatever you make of the supposed angelic intervention, the good news is that the shop was able to resume trading after only one day. Please pray for owners Brian and Ulrike Warner as they continue to pick up the pieces…

GLO Motherwell Relaunched

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Lacey and the team at GLO, Motherwell, on Monday’s rededication and relaunch of the shop following a comprehensive refit and re-merchandising. Andrew explains on their facebook event page:

Given the significant changes in the Book market, we have decided to re-allocate our floor area and completely re-merchandise the store. We have ‘reversed’ the shop layout to bring Card & Gift product to the front of the store, and moved the ‘Printed Page’ product to the back of the store. We continue to give God’s Word, the Bible, the ‘prime’ trading position in the store, and the popular Children’s area remains unchanged.

A summary of the benefits of the recent re-merchandise of the store

  • By moving Gift and Card products to the front of the store, we hope to encourage more friends from the local community to browse these products.
  • The range of DVDs and other media titles has been significantly increased, and a wide range of audio-books has been brought in.
  • We continue to carry a huge range of books and this has been re-merchandised to the back of the store. This area of the shop now includes a coffee machine and reading tables. Comfy chairs have been placed to enable customers to relax and browse the wide range of titles. This has created a lovely relaxed atmosphere, and DVD players and computer systems have been provided to allow customers to sample some of the resources on show.
  • Space is being created to allow a relevant range of second hand books to be sold. We are currently appealing for donations of books.
  • In response to customer requests, we are developing a suitable selection of local interest and general books.
  • The GLO Bookshop is now part of the ‘HIVE’ network of local independent bookshops. This give us the ability to retail e-Books (see the link below). The HIVE network also provides access to over 4.5 million general book and DVD titles at very competitive prices. We would encourage friends of GLO to use this facility if they require ‘general’ books, rather than Amazon! If you order from HIVE, GLO will benefit from a commission on each sale. Your items can either be delivered FREE to the GLO Bookshop in Motherwell, or delivered direct to your home for a small charge. In either case, GLO will benefit from your custom.

Photos of the new-look shop are available on facebook:

GLO Relaunch

GLO Relaunch

Goodbye LST Books & Resources: Hello Maranatha

LST BOOKS AND RESOURCES, the first shop to be listed in the UK Christian Bookshops Directory and where yours truly cut his teeth in this strange but wonderful world of Christian bookselling/retailing, is no more. The shop closed on Friday August 26th with a brief announcement on facebook:

LST Books and Resources is no more ;-( However there will be a bookshop at LST opening 30/8/2011 🙂 Good Luck to Geoff and Jan. So Ciao for now

The Geoff and Jan mentioned are none other than Geoff and Jan Wallace of Maranatha Christian Bookshop, Uxbridge, fame, and I personally can think of no better hands into which the future of bookselling at LST could be entrusted. Maranatha, as it happens, was the second shop to be listed in UKCBD, which makes them an even more apt successor to the shop at LST. Geoff and Jan, I salute you and wish you every success in this new venture: may the Lord bless you as richly as he blessed me during my tenure as LST’s bookshop manager.

Please pray for Geoff and Jan, especially Jan as she manages the shop on a daily basis, pray for the LST community to fully embrace this new opportunity, and pray for my former colleague, Nick, who took on the mantle after my departure last year, as he moves on to pursue further studies.

Maranatha Uxbridge announce new branch at London School of Theology

Maranatha Uxbridge announce new branch at London School of Theology

Living Oasis…

NO NEW INFORMATION but simply a reminder to keep praying for everyone struggling after the collapse of NCT: those who have lost jobs and livelihoods; suppliers seeking redress for NCT’s debts; and those who are pressing on with the vision, for whom one of the biggest challenges will no doubt be the question of rebuilding trust with suppliers and other business partners after yet another Christian company defaults on its debts.

We’ve already seen one new beginning at Weston-super-Mare, of course, and discussions are still underway in Liverpool over the lease — if you missed it last time, see Phil Jump’s facebook note from 12th August, Living Oasis Liverpool UPDATE.

For latest news on…

and keep an eye on the various facebook pages and groups…

New Christian Bookshop in Bedford

Via twitter; further details to follow. The shop is about a 15 minute walk from the town centre, just a couple of streets away from the Jaffa Orchard café and gift shop, run by a group of people from Russell Park Baptist Church where the new shop’s owners are members:

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  1. So good to see so much positive change happening – new growth from old shoots as it were 😉
    Congrats to all involved and i continue to pray for those in the field and for those to come to the field – there’s still much for us all to do.

  2. Phil, thanks for noting this on the ‘Blog’ – much appreciated! Some further details to follow, I hope, but one observation to say that the local papers fell over themselves to attend the re-launch, resulting in one front page pic & article, and another good feature inside – all good free publicity!

    Thanks also to the following for their support with various promotions etc for the relaunch –

    Lucy Avery at Hodder & Stoughton
    Raymond Banks at TMD
    Anthony Gosling at CFP
    Oli Proctor at Kingsway
    Daryl Wearring at IVP

    and, of course, Stewart Anderson!

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