News Roundup – the twitter feed edition

MY APOLOGIES to those readers who’ve missed the News Roundups over the last few weeks: life, as they say. The good news is that this trade of ours is at least as busy as I am, with as much going on as ever. Don’t forget, you can pick up on news as it emerges via the UKCBD twitter feed, which I’m using this time around, supplemented by my personal feedEddie Olliffe, Melanie Carroll and SPCK Publishing to liven things up a little. If you’d like to see your tweets featured here next time around, give me a nudge by mentioning @notbovvered or @ukcbd in any tweet you’d like me to highlight.

Whilst we’re talking social media, make sure you don’t miss the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers facebook group: it’s a closed group, intentionally so, a space for anyone involved in the Christian book trade to meet online but away from the public eye, to exchange ideas and information and offer one another mutual support. Feel free to drop in and join the conversation — or start one!

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