CWR: Improved terms for retailers, and hello CLC Wholesale, goodbye TMD

CWR Trade Announcement 18/11/2011

CWR Trade Announcement 18/11/2011

IN A MESSAGE TO RETAILERS issued today, CWR have announced improved terms for retailers and bid farewell to TMD (Trust Media Distribution), with a move to CLC Wholesale coming into effect as of  1st December 2011.

Retailers ordering direct from CWR who were previously on discounts between 35%-39% will automatically be raised to 40% as standard, with other discounts remaining unchanged. In the message, CWR say:

We hope this will go some way to help you in your valuable High Street ministry and enable you to continue to order and sell CWR products.

In practical terms the move to CLC Wholesale means that TMD will no longer be able to supply CWR products such as the much-loved and popular Every Day With Jesus Bible reading notes. The decision to switch follows on from TMD’s own recently announced review of their UK wholesaling policy:

TMD’s recent decision to cease UK trade wholesaling and to reduce the number of titles they hold has led us to review our trading arrangements with them. We have enjoyed a close relationship with STL/TMD over many years and we wish them well in their excellent work in the distribution of Christian resources. Therefore from the end of this month, CWR resources will be available either direct from us and from the CLC Warehouse.

In conclusion, CWR reiterate their ongoing commitment to the UK high street retail trade:

We wish to thank you for all your support and loyalty in helping to make CWR products available to churches and individuals across the country. We want to reiterate our desire to continue working with you, now and in the future, to ensure the stability and growth of your bookshop and its ministry.

CLC Wholesale have themselves recently announced plans for a trade ordering website: in their words, “Watch this space!” At present, stock announcements are being made via their facebook page but orders must still be placed by email, fax or phone.

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3 thoughts on “CWR: Improved terms for retailers, and hello CLC Wholesale, goodbye TMD

  1. Great news on the extra discount!
    Will the previously mentioned CLC trade order site be up and running by 1st December – as this is quite key I know for many many shops these days and absolutely crucial in the run up to christmas!

    • Agreed. Without a trade website, CLC is still a no-go for us.

      We tend to go to CWR directly anyway, but it will be useful for CLC to also have them, for helping build up orders, once they have a trade site.

  2. Here in Canada, CWR is distributed by David C. Cook, but the booklets are rather expensive after their journey across the Atlantic, though regular trade discounts apply. There’s also much competition from various similar booklets distributed free by various ministry organizations; but none of those free devotionals can match the 60-day theme focus of the late Selwyn Hughes or the contemporary insights of Jeff Lucas.

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