CLC Wholesale to join PubEasy

CLC Wholesale

CLC Wholesale

CLC WHOLESALE have now advised the way forward for their much-anticipated online trade ordering service: via, bringing them into the same network as Bookpoint, HarperCollins, Marston Book Services, Norwich Books & Music and Wiley-Blackwell, to name just a few of the other trade distributors and publishers using the service.

The actual launch date has yet to be announced as the technicalities of the service are still being worked through by systems programmers, but Chris Magee, Head of CLC Wholesale, has confirmed that “the project is going ahead.”

In the meantime, however, keep an eye on the CLC Wholesale facebook page for their latest news, stock updates and other announcements.

IMPROVED TERMS: Apart from Church Packs and Gospels, where CLC Wholesale themselves receive a lower margin, all Hodder titles are now available to retailers at a 40% trade discount.

FEEDBACK WELCOME: Chris also says,

My heart is to support the trade and am open to any help and advice, even constructive criticism that will help us.

so if you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact him.

2 thoughts on “CLC Wholesale to join PubEasy

  1. Great news. Pubeasy—while far from perfect—is still a really good solution.

    In the absence of a one-stop-shop supplier, a (nearly) one stop website is nice.

    I still find it difficult to try and make up minimum orders when i’ve got books from multiple suppliers in my cart, and would prefer if it was easier to send orders to individual suppliers at different times, but think pubeasy is still the best call for CLC.

    Well done.


  2. Good News indeed given TMD’s latest missive.
    I think that they really will see a quite large increase in sales and take up very soon indeed and I do hope that they can action this with great speed as it’s essential to be able to look things up and immediately know what the stock holding situation is these days, obviously it’s unlikely they can do this i the next week (sadly) but if they could have it done by the beginning of january that would be a fantastic start to the new year indeed.

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