Farewell to Quench, St Albans

Quench St Albans

Quench St Albans

SAD NEWS has emerged this week as Quench Bookshops have conceded defeat in St Albans, with the shop scheduled for closure on December 31st this year.

Reasons given for the shop’s demise include, amongst other factors, the current economic climate, shop relocations and name changes, and the inevitable “competition from the internet” as customers find online shopping “easier and sometimes cheaper”, the net result of which has been decreased footfall rendering the store economically unviable.

Guy Marshall, who moved with the store when it was taken over from the St Andrew’s chain in 2009, and has been selling Christian books in St Albans for 30 years, will be taking this opportunity to retire from the shop — but not necessarily from his other involvements: he plans to take a break, after which … watch this space.

Guy, I salute you and look forward to seeing where you go from here: may the Lord bless you and keep you.


It is with great regret that we have to tell you that the St Albans branch of Quench will cease trading on 31st December 2011.

Several factors have contributed to this sad outcome, the economic recession in the country, the various moves the shop has made over the past few years and associated name changes, the reduced amount of space we have at Holywell Hill compared with our previous stores, the lack of convenient parking close to the shop and of course competition from the internet where customers find it easier and sometimes cheaper to shop on-line. The net result is that far fewer customers visit the shop and this has made this retail store uneconomic to run.

Please delete my name and Branch details from your database for any future mailings and correspondence. After 31st December emails to St Albans will not get a response or be seen, so please remove our email address from your list of Contacts.

The Quench Head Office is the Maidenhead branch and will handle any queries at maidenhead[at]quenchshops.com

Thank you for all the service you have given us over the years.

Guy Marshall



13 thoughts on “Farewell to Quench, St Albans

  1. Deeply sad news for the St Albans area and those for whom this effects.
    I grew up visiting Guy’s shop over the years as that’s where my family is from and know my uncle Steve will certainly miss it.

    However there used to be a rather good inshops (which always seemed a posh way of doing an indoor market!) by the library, not sure if it’s still there as it’s been a good few years since I’ve made it into the city centre on flying visits to folks, but if it is I think it might make for a wonderful location for a nice Christian book & supplies stall 😉

    I wish Guy a wonderful retirement and also look forward to seeing his future plans – I feel priviliged to work with him on the http://www.goodbookstall.org.uk board and am very glad he is continuing with that and other booktrade commitments as he is an invaluable resource to us all.

  2. I echo Melanie’s thoughts and do hope that St Albans can find a way to maintain some Christian books presence. Sincere good wishes to Guy in his retirement. It has been a privilege to work with him on The Goodbookstall and let us also give thanks for his work with the Booksellers Association supporting Christian Bookshops.

      • I’ll have you know that St. Albans, rather like Lincoln, is in fact a City – albeit neither are major metropolis’s and do seem more like towns most often, but nontheless they are respectful and honorable cities of old! 😀

      • I stand corrected, Melanie, although being a city doesn’t mean it isn’t a town as well 😛 … but yes, the Cathedral’s a bit a giveaway, isn’t it?

  3. This is indeed sad news. Guy has been on the leadership of many of the key groups in the christian book trade for a number of years and will be greatly missed. Down the years we drew inspiration from the Crusaders shop that he ran for many years.
    It has been great working with you Guy on some of those committees and I pray that the things that you do in these coming years will give you the same satisfaction as seeing lives changed and inspired when you have sold someone a book or Bible.

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