Never Give Up Hope: £20k Stewardship grant helps Hope Centre, Macclesfield, find its feet

Hope for the Community: Stewardship awards The Hope Centre a £20k start-up grant

Hope for the Community: Stewardship awards The Hope Centre a £20k start-up grant

A STORY OF HOPE to kick off the new year: Stewardship, a tax-efficient centralised Christian giving service, gave Macclesfield’s new Christian bookshop, The Hope Centre, a £20k start-up grant to help set things in motion, enabling them to reopen the former Wesley Owen premises as a new centre of hope for the community:

Not to be confused with Hope Corner, Hope Centre is a story just as inspirational. 39 churches in the Macclesfield area came together to inspire hope in the local community, and out of it was borne the Hope Centre – a coffee shop and Christian bookshop designed ‘to respond to human need by loving service’…

Stewardship was pleased to be able to provide a £20,000 grant which contributed to the start-up costs and we look forward to hearing more stories of hope as the Centre moves into new areas of outreach.

Old news it may be, originally reported by Stewardship blogger Alexandra Khan back in September last year, but at a time when so many retailers are teetering on the brink of no hope, it’s a story that’s worth telling again: there are people and organisations out there willing to support such projects.

So if it’s you on the edge of giving up — think Joshua: Be bold, be strong, for the LORD your God is with you. Don’t be shy about asking for help when your back’s to the wall; never give up without a fight; and never give up hope.