Farewell to Christian Bookselling in Nottingham

NOTTINGHAM, once home to some six Christian bookshops, is now apparently without any, following the reported closure of Beeston’s Christian Book Centre to make way for a tramline.

That’s all.

6 thoughts on “Farewell to Christian Bookselling in Nottingham

  1. More and more it seems to be bad news – the demise of the high street Christian bookshops. Does this suggest a greater opportunity to spread the Christian message now through online bookshops? In many commercial areas it seems the Internet is slowing eating away at High Street outlets; Christians cannot turn a blind eye to this development, can they?

    • Welcome back, Denis. This is an issue the entire book trade, not just the Christian sector, has been wrestling with since the turn of the century — take a look back through some of the conversations on this blog and you’ll see that no one in the Christian book trade is turning a blind eye to it. But as I’ve said on numerous occasions, the internet is not the enemy, any more than universally affordable postal services or the phone or any of the other advances in communications/technology have been down the years: if there’s an enemy, it’s in the way some people choose to use these advances whilst other people bury their heads in the sand until somebody builds their information superhighway right over them…

      Video didn’t kill the radio star; mail order services didn’t kill the need for local services; the telephone didn’t kill face-to-face conversations; music downloads haven’t killed live music; and the internet along with the evolution of ebooks won’t kill reading or bookshops. What we’ll end up with may well be radically different to what we have now, with fewer specialist outlets, but methinks those outlets ain’t gonna disappear entirely for many years yet…

      • Thanks, Phil. It’s a relief to hear you say that Christian bookshops will not be REPLACED by online Christian bookshops; so perhaps we should say, Christian [High Street] bookshops are now (and will be on into the future) SUPPLEMENTED by online [Internet] bookshops ~ that BOTH will have a valuable part to play in future reading habits. I guess Carole is thinking along the same lines.

  2. Christian Britain? Really? When we can’t support Christian resources in the High Street. Churches next? Online can only ever be a part of the answer and should be run in conjunction with bricks and mortar. Loads of people will tell you they order books on-line then find they are not what they expected. And as for selecting cards and gifts…

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