UKCBD Updates: An Update…

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THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in bookshop updates over the last few weeks: this post is simply to confirm that those updates are in progress. As with any voluntary project, however, these things take time: depending upon other commitments (such as church, family and earning a crust to keep the wolves from the door), you’ll sometimes see updates appearing almost instantly whilst on other occasions it may take anything from a few days to several weeks.

Please remember that you can keep track of the latest updates either via the UKCBD homepage or here, via the Latest Updates page; and please also remember that you can leave comments or update requests directly on any standalone entry or on any other page of the Directory.

Bookshop closures are usually reported in the News posts (and tagged Bookshop Closure), on facebook or via twitter (either via my personal stream or the official UKCBD stream) as they are brought to my attention, but Directory updates will often lag behind somewhat, as much as anything because I find making those changes thoroughly disheartening.

Last but not least, please do keep those updates coming in: thank you.