Planet BB: The Boys’ Brigade Around the World – Volume 2 due this year

David Chant writes:

Planet BB

Planet BB

Following on from the success of Planet BB: The Boys’ Brigade Around the world, a second volume will be published this year. All of the 950 copies of volume one were sold out within a year, making £500+ for Global Fellowship, and over £4,000 for the Christian Children’s Centre, Nansana, Uganda. The orphanage has used this money to pay rent, put on 2 Christmas parties, set up a poultry project and buy food.

Volume 2 will feature many countries not included in the first book, including Malta, Jamaica, China, The Philippines, Bermuda, Macau, South Africa, and many more.

There will also be other features including a fascinating account of a Queen’s Man who did his Gold D of E award in Ecuador, the BB Band music website, Firm Foundations, and more.

This edition will also feature a Subscribers page, listing the name & Company of everyone who subscribes to the book before publication.

By pre-ordering volume 2 (and having your name listed), you will help to ensure the book’s publication, which in turn will help to fund other BB projects around the world.

There is no need to pay now. You will be contacted when the date of publication and the price are announced.

If you would like to participate in this latest venture, please see the Planet BB facebook page for contact details and get in touch.

Yours in fellowship

David Chant
2nd Sutton Coldfield

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