Unity Christian Bookshop, Petersfield, saved for another year

January 2012: Christians Save Bookshop!

January 2012: Christians Save Bookshop!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone at Unity Christian Bookshop, Petersfield, on the success of last year’s appeal for funds to prevent the shop’s closure. The successful outcome, securing the shop’s future for another year, was reported last month via the PACT (Petersfield Area Churches Together) website:

January 2012: Christians Save Bookshop!

A big thank you from the manager, trustees and volunteers at the bookshop in Folly Lane, Petersfield.

[T]he Lord has blessed us indeed! Our campaign raised sufficient funds to cover the shortfall of £5,000 and enough to kick start the shop going into the New Year. So the Unity Bookshop will remain trading. Our Christian friends from far and wide have stepped forward with their financial support and prayers, without which this would have been a very different story.

The news of this successful outcome was warmly received at the PACT Annual General Meeting at St. Peter’s Church last week.

The report concludes with an invitation for readers to visit the shop — but if you live too far away to visit in person, not to worry: you can discover Unity Christian Bookshop on facebook.

3 thoughts on “Unity Christian Bookshop, Petersfield, saved for another year

  1. I did a spot of mystery shopping yesterday and visited the Christian Bookshop in Petersfield. Bearing in mind that I’m reasonably local I hadn’t actually been there before. My fault, not their’s.

    I had a lot of trouble finding the shop. It was VERY badly signed. In fact, there was no signage to direct any passing trade to the shop. The unit is down a small alleyway off the main High St and not very obvious at all unless you are ‘in the know’ – and I obviously wasn’t!

    Sometimes we don’t do ourselves any favours and I would appeal to the owners to do something about some more obvious signage on the street. An ‘A’ board at least might help. The next door cafe was well signed and it did have signage. So come on guys, get some signs up.If people can’t find you – and this is a tourist town – then you won’t make any money.

    Having found it and been inside, I was very impressed with what I discovered; pleasant staff and helpful service. Great range of cards and comprehensive book stock. A really lovely little shop and a credit to the Churches involved.

    I shall go back – now that I know where it is!

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