Microshops: the way forward for the UK’s Christian bookshops?

CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Greatrex as the next step forward for his recently announced bespoke bookstall service to churches begins to take shape in Bath in partnership with agreatread.co.uk, bringing the two worlds of online bookselling and local shopping together.

From a report issued earlier today in the Bath Chronicle:

Bath Chronicle, 16/02/2011: New chapter for a Christian bookshop

Bath Chronicle, 16/02/2011: New chapter for a Christian bookshop

The first of a new series of Christian microbookshops is to be set up in Bath.

The sales at a city centre church will fill a gap left by the sudden closure of the Wesley Owen store in St James’s Parade.

It is being launched by the Rev Richard Greatrex – who managed the store – and online bookseller David Wavre.

The microshop will carry Mr Wavre’s A Great Read brand and will be followed by more in churches in Bristol, Radstock and Frome.

The pair are in the final stages of negotiations over the location of the mini-bookshop.

Mr Wavre said: “Each shop or stall will have a range of top titles, perennial favourites and newly-published books available as well as the monthly comprehensive A Great Read magazines, detailing hand-picked newly-published and established titles.”

3 thoughts on “Microshops: the way forward for the UK’s Christian bookshops?

  1. This is something similar that has gone through my mind for some time. Having seen how successful shops within churches and other institutions works then anything that builds on that is excellent. It has the advantage of overcoming the issues of high street rents and non-moving stock. But also gives the customers more convenience. I think this is an excellent way forward!

  2. Good luck, Richard and well done! Remember those who might like to try the idea, that it works better if the churches are open every day AND if the churches are supervised so that stock doesn’t go walkabout. I’ve lost bookstalls in the past because book agents were distressed by loss of stock.

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