World Book Day 2012: What will kids be able to buy with their £1 book tokens from your shop?

World Book Day 2012

World Book Day 2012

WORLD BOOK DAY is less than one week away, Thursday 1st March: are you ready? Back in my days at the LST Bookshop I have to confess that I never paid much attention to it: academic theology and children’s book promotions didn’t tend to gel too well; but for Christian bookshops out there in the back streets, high streets and marketplaces, it’s surely an opportunity not to be missed to draw in young readers and their parents — especially now, where yours might be the only show in town!

So what will kids be able to buy with their £1 book tokens from your shop? There’s an excellent range of Christian children’s books available for only £1 if you know where to look and who to ask. Here are some of them, courtesy of Alban Books, CLC Wholesale and TMD:

Alban Books

From Alban Books, a superb special offer selection from the Eerdmans Young Readers Series, available to retailers at 65p, firm sale, on condition that they retail at only £1:

To take up this offer, contact Alison Wilson at Alban Books (alison.wilson at

Alban Books Special Offers for World Book Day 2012

Alban Books Special Offers for World Book Day 2012

CLC Wholesale: Suggestions for World Book Day 2012

CLC Wholesale: Suggestions for World Book Day 2012

CLC Wholesale

On behalf of CLC Wholesale, Amanda Lutes has kindly highlighted the Lion Children’s My very first Bible stories series, excerpted from their My Very First Bible, all retailing at £1.00.

Then she worked through CLC Wholesale’s 70% discount clearance list to pull out a selection of Youth and Youth Ministry titles that might be suitable for topping up your children’s selection — but stock levels change quickly so availability cannot be guaranteed: first come, first served!

TMD World Book Day 2012 Selection (pdf, 1.9mb)

TMD World Book Day 2012 Selection (pdf, 1.9mb)

Trust Media Distribution

Last but not least, TMD have highlighted 5 titles from their children’s & young people’s list that retail for £1.00/99p, available at 40% trade discount, three from the Legends of Faith series (Eikon Bible Art) and two others, from Scripture Union and Authentic Lifestyle: full details on their World Book Day flyer (pdf, 1.9mb) and on the TMD blog, £1 Books – Ideal for World Book Day.

Orders may be placed online via TMD’s dedicated World Book Day 2012 page.


This post emerges from a discussion held in the Christian Authors, Booksellers and Publishers group on facebook, started by Andrew Lacey of GLO Bookshop, Motherwell: my thanks to Andrew for starting a fascinating conversation and to all concerned at Alban Books, CLC Wholesale and TMD for their helpful responses.

6 thoughts on “World Book Day 2012: What will kids be able to buy with their £1 book tokens from your shop?

  1. You can get a World Book Day book for £1 from us. ‘Pitfall!’ by Barbara Hallihan is published by CBO Publications, ISBN 9781901918144. An exciting read for Junior School kids and upwards – about grace ‘down’t pit’ amid the grime of the Industrial Revolution! The many black and white illustrations in the book just capture the atmosphere of the story perfectly.

    • Participating booksellers fund the redemption themselves:

      World Book Day FAQ Q2:

      Q2. Is World Book Day a government initiative?
      A. No – World Book Day Ltd is a registered charity whose financing of World Book Day comes mainly from contributing publishers, the generous sponsorship of National Book Tokens Ltd, some literacy partnerships and other supporters, as well as the participating booksellers who fund the entire cost of Book Token redemption.

  2. Hi Andy – yes, that’s the issue – each year we have been giving away £1 value against children’s books (in previous years, we haven’t any specific £1 books to give away, so we have allowed people who bring them in the use them in part payment – not sure if that’s allowed, but seems to me to be the spirit of the thing!). So each year we land up with a wee pile of redeemed vouchers, that actually look pretty good as paper chains, but aren’t worth anything else! What we hope, of course, is that the people who come into the store will go away happy with their freebie and buy something else as well.

    This is where the support of the suppliers above is so helpful, by giving us something to work with. OK, so they will cost us a bit (typically 60p – 70p each), but at least that is a helpful reduction on what we were doing before. And it will allow us to put up the stand/posters/really promote ‘£1 books’ instore, which is better than we have done before. We will not exactly be ordering hundreds – perhaps 100 in total – but at least it is somewhere to begin:-)

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